This article presents a very powerful "secret" for goal achievement. The "secret" is to make your action-plans easy enough for you to follow through on.

Goal achievement is the fruition of a process that is totally reliable:
1. Take action in line with what you want
2. Learn from your experience to make improvements in your approach as you go
3. Persist
And your goal achievement is virtually guaranteed.

What holds most people back from goal achievement is failing to take action. The primary cause of this is fear. Fearing that one's best efforts will lead to disappointment prevents one from even trying. But fear can be overcome in the same way that goal achievement takes place. That way involves "chunking down" your action-plans.

Creating action-plans that are overly strenuous or downright impossible to follow through on discourages us to the point that we take no action at all. But by "chunking down" an action or breaking it down into smaller, easy-enough-to-follow-through-on steps, you circumvent your fear and advance along the path of goal achievement.

To achieve any goal that your heart desires, then, simply formulate a step-by-step action plan aimed at its achievement. If all you can think of is the next step, that is a sufficient start for right now. Then simply follow through and repeat the process until goal achievement happens for you.

If you do not actually follow through on your action-step, don't give up. Simply break that action down into smaller steps until you can design an action that you actually can and do follow through on.

You can always come up with an action
within your power to perform.

If you doubt that the best action that you can follow through on is sufficient, simply drop that doubt. You might as well trust that your best is enough because you can be sure that doing nothing will never result in goal achievement; and for all you really know, your best really is enough.

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