“The influence of interplanetary streams doubtlessly affects earth’s atmosphere, its materials and its creatures”.

…………….Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Antargrahi paristhitiyon ki prabhavi pratikriya

Akhand Jyoti Magazine, June 1980, Page 10

Both materialists and spiritualists accept in one voice earth’s contact with the cosmos as a fact. Of course their standpoint of acceptance and methods definitely are different. Those material scientists who are materialists too look upon interplanetary flows as inert yet during their research they have had to accept that fact that due to such flows both materials and creatures on earth get affected yet those scientists who harbor a spiritual standpoint opine that although these interplanetary flows are inert yet are controlled by a super conscious power that based on cosmic management showcase their influence. When Josephine Brown was speaking thus many scholars of Astrophysics were seated nearby.

The research studies of Josephine Brown and her colleagues were focused on the fact as to how and what type of influence of cosmic upheavals were noted on earth’s nature and circumstances prevalent. For this research task she had collected data of many thousands of years gone by. She collected statistical figures of historical, political, geographical and natural causes of chief and special incidences within the earth’s varied cultures and civilizations. Along with this statistics of those causes were also collected that had a connection with interplanetary and cosmic upheavals. On analyzing all this scientifically everyone in unison concluded that earth is an inseparable member of the cosmos. Along with this they also found out that earth’s contact with the cosmos commenced right since human civilization and earth were created.

In this research program of hers when she collected data of various cultures she also studied Indian Astrology. Josephine found this science quite attractive and mind boggling because basically India Astrology is based on sun, moon positions. Further the influence of 9 planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and shadow planets called Rahu and Ketu) is described in it. As far as sun and moon are concerned their influence on earth’s weather and harvest of crops is beyond any doubt. When members of this team were conducting research on this they found that those invisible radiations that emerge from the sun are extraordinarily imbibed by a new born baby since they are very sensitive. As a result in the new born personality the influence of this establishing gets latched on to as a permanent fact. Of course it can be increased or decreased via intense effort.

A very important member of Josephine Brown’s team called Dennis Williams noted cosmic upheavals with reference to important episodes of the history of world’s various cultures and civilizations, he found a meaningful relationship. He concluded that floods, earthquakes, famine or wars most definitely are related to some or the other special cosmic event or upheaval. Regarding this conclusion Maria Henderson commented that why did it take place in a special region? The answer given was that the influence of every cosmic movement takes place in a limited area and this special region of earth must have been within that periphery and secondly if fire is thrown in all directions wherever dry wood or any inflammable material is present, fire erupts there.

Another member of this team Martin Gardner had mastered both Astrophysics and Biophysics. He said that energy flow of interstellar space, energy of stars/planets ion radiations etc are present in the human body albeit in seed form. He also researched into the fact that all this that is present in seed form is related to subtle nerves and when an interstellar upheaval takes place human nature also manifests certain activities and thus the brain, intellect and consciousness get affected. Regarding this Carl Roger spoke extraordinarily: Its state gets influenced by good/vile actions of human beings along with their sensitive thinking. Under such conditions if man executes great glorious tasks, his sensitive thinking is pious, to a great extent he can attain wholesome and inspiring energy from the cosmos. On hearing this Martin Gardner said: O yes! This is verily possible.

Their discussion was in an amazing phase. At that moment Carl Gardner spoke of solar changes seen these days. It is worth cogitating over as to what do changes in sunspots and solar flares/flames point out to. On hearing Carl, Josephine said: If history is studied and analyzed it alludes to a worldwide revolution. It shall be such a revolution, which shall not be limited to certain aspects of life or a few countries. Not only shall it reform management of all nations but that its very cast and mould shall manifest anew. As a result innumerable extraordinary nature based transformations shall emerge one after another. Majority of these shall appear destructive yet later it shall get converted to positive desirable influences. Man’s condition too shall transform for the better. Due to the pressure of various such incidences man shall learn how to live aptly and wholesomely.

Josephine Brown said: On analyzing the situation one fact seems very positive. Dennis Williams intervened: Please elaborate further. We all wish to hear you. A science that propounds subtle energies of humans shall emerge swiftly. Along with this a contact shall be established with other worlds/universes of the cosmos and indwellers of other planets. This means that in future spiritual wisdom shall advance leaps and bounds. Yes! Ancient changes are witness to this. While speaking thus Josephine continued: India has done majority of research in this science hence in future if Indian Sciences manifest with a bang none should be astounded.

Carl Rogers smiled on hearing this and said: In the era of Stephen Hawking talking in this vein is a bit strange because he negates the existence of potentials beyond human life and Almighty God too. Josephine hence said: Without due research studies no scientist must draw conclusions. Whatever Hawking has researched into no doubt is alright yet he has not done any research on finding out the existence or non existence of Almighty God. Hence his conclusions are not full proof. If we think from the standpoint of ancient Indian literature God exists in the form of ‘Sarva swarupe sarveshe’ (all visible/invisible forms) and ‘Sarvashakti samanvitam’ (combination of all forms). As per this logic, Stephen Hawking and all of his research endeavor is no different from God. When we talk of ‘Jnaninapi chetansi’ (even consciousness of self realized saints) both Hawking and his physics are portions of Almighty God. The difference merely is that he is ignorant regarding divine science or spiritual science. It is hence that he talks thus. Regarding this the right to draw conclusions rests only with those great seers of India who conducted combined research of science and spirituality.

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