A Sacred Ceremony

First, together we will draw 3 Angel cards, and as a Certified Angel Card Reader, I will give you a reading on the cards that decided to come forth for you at this time. We will both keep this reading on our minds during the session for knowledge and understanding of what the body is asking for and the messages the Angels want you to know.

As in all of my Ceremonies, one of the things I like to highlight is how easy it is to receive a healing session from me. You will NOT have to remove your clothes, which a lot of people find uncomfortable. THIS IS NOT A MASSAGE, AND ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES ARE NEVER USED.

This is a healing treatment using the power of Energy (The Earth’s, yours, mine, and Our Lord’s Universe), Prayer, and Human Touch. I use a triangular placement of fingers with both hands, sometimes one hand, but together form a tight bond along your Chi Meridians, the same energy pathways used by Holistic Asian Medicine for over 5,000 years.

You will relax on my comfortable, padded table, covered with a sheepskin pad, flannel sheets, and a light blanket. I will invite you to lie down, after removing your shoes. You will lay on your back with your own pillow under your head, and I’ll also bring a wedge, in case you’d like to sit up, slightly. Then, I will place my bolster under your knees to relax to release any tension on your spine.

You will be holding the Angel Cards you drew. As we contemplate the card meanings, I will ask the Angels to show me what will best compliment your needs and the reading we’ve just explored. You will also be able to explore any additional messages from the Angel Cards .

I enjoy engaging all of my client’s senses. So, if it’s your choice, I will mix a bit of aromatherapy oils, and turn them into a cool mist. A delightful, calming fragrance soon becomes apparent. I will select some relaxing music after speaking with you and understanding what you like to relax to. I have Navajo flute music that is hauntingly beautiful, as well as relaxing Zen-style music that conjures up peace and contentment, but, remember, I am always open to play any favorite music that you may have!

While you relax, I summon the color realm of Saffron, which is a healing realm…and not only surround myself, but infuse myself with color, and I’ll also summon pink, white, and green… As the colors and energy flow through me, I begin to pray to my Angels and ask for guidance and assistance in bringing in the energy of healing that you need. I begin to “see” inside of you and as my hands travel along the chi meridians of your body, I can visualize your muscles and organs.

I will use a customized hand placement regime to bring out the best in you and to alleviate your pain and discomfort. I “see” shadows and blockages and begin to pray for the channeling of the energy needed and the words to express what the Angels are making me feel to you…. and sometimes I have to hum it, because it’s more music and rhythm than words.

Many times, I see golden shapes….and I realize that represents the position my hands should be in, along your body. My Guiding Angel, Haniel knows exactly what I need to know to be able to channel the particular realms of healing colors and energy, and in doing so, Haniel brings forth your Angels quite easily.

Sometimes they tell me what name they are called by, and I can tell you who looks after you….but very often they don’t think that’s important and don’t answer my request. I get the distinct feeling that’s it’s too intimate a query from me, and they will communicate that info to you directly, when you are ready to learn.
I am eager to continue to talk about what you are seeing and feeling, and I will repeat to you all of the messages I hear from the Angels and expand on the messages that the cards drawn during our Reading implores you to understand.

As a session wraps up, I will do just that and wrap you up in the linens on my table. I will ask you to ponder your experience and pray for about 5 minutes, as I leave the room while you begin to relax in the journey we’ve just taken together. When I return, I’ll gently help you up to a sitting position, and walk behind you to make some grounding strokes along your spine and return to your dangling feet to balance you and to surround you permanently with the white light I’ve surrounded both of us with, during the session.

I will thank you for the honor of trusting your mind, body, and soul with me and allowing me to work with the energy that makes up your human physical self.

We will do a second reading of your Angel Cards , to see if your original perceptions of the cards have changed with the Healing Experience.

I will say a quick prayer for your peace of mind and spirit, and I will make copies of the Angel Cards you drew, and their explanations before you leave…..so you may keep them, and remind you of our Sacred Ceremony.


Author's Bio: 

Who Me?

My Holistic Healing Journey through life started about 40 years ago with pure curiosity, leading to many enlightening experiences which enabled me to discover the gifts of helping others through Healing Ceremonies, or Treatment or Sessions.
The mind, body, and soul connection is all part of the complete over all healing experience.

I always knew, even as a child, I would be doing something with my hands, and I started my college education in a program for Medical Laboratory Techniques, hoping for a Medical Career.

I was in and out of college, depending upon several pregnancies, and my growing family’s demands, and then quite by accident I discovered a brand new modality for me…….IGM Therapeutic Acupressure, leading me forward to further investigate and study Therapeutic Touch, Reiki in several styles, and the wonderful modality of Qi Gong, taught to me by Robert Peng.

I became a Certified Qi Gong Therapist. Almost at the same time, I became an IGM Therapeutic Acupressure Practitioner in 2003, and I began practicing as part of a Bikram Yoga Studio Healing Team, involving a Chiropractor, The Yoga Instructors, a Massage Therapist, an Acupuncturist, a Chinese Herbalist, and myself, as a Holistic Qi Gong Therapist, and Therapeutic Acupressure Practitioner!

But, it got a little distracting there, so to continue as a Healer, so I struck out on my own, turning an extra room in my home into a beautiful Healing Oasis Studio.

But that was only the start of my learning, and I then began studying Reiki, and became a Reiki Master in several modalities. I became a Reiki Master in Usui, Karuna Ki, Violet Flame, and one I’ve developed myself: Angel Paw Reiki for our beloved pets.

I enjoyed a successful practice for 14 years in New Jersey, while continuing to learn, blend, and combine different Holistic Healing Modalities.

During this time, I continued studying, and becoming Certified in areas I knew were part of my journey.

I will list them all here. Although some may be repetitive, as with the Reiki and Acupressure……..Here is the complete list of my qualifications as an Earth Energy Healer:

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher

Violet Flame Reiki Master Teacher

QiGong Healing Practitioner

IGM Therapeutic Acupressure Practitioner

Foot & Hand Reflexology Practitioner

Aromatherapy Alchemist

Certified Medical Intuitive

Crystal Therapy Practitioner

Rainbow Chakra Therapist

Professional Tarot Card Reader

Certified Angel Card Reader

And to perform Weddings, Adoption Blessings, and Commitment Ceremonies:

Universal Life Church Ordained Doctor of Divinity

Rose Ministries Ordained Pastor

Evangelical Christian Fellowship Ordained Minister

International Federation of Christian Chaplains

I’ve blended all of my Experiences …… and put together a wonderful blend of Earth Energy Healing Arts Ceremonies , including Guided Meditation, Music Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Tarot Card Readings or Angel Card Readings into my healing treatments, as well as elements of all of the Bodywork and Spiritual Practices I have come to believe in, and have designed 3 distinct 60-minute healing sessions:

A Sacred Ceremony
The Chakra Alignment Ceremony
Spiritual Nature Path Ceremony
A Pale Magenta Wind Ceremony
The Angel Paw Animal Healing Ceremony

I now reside in Port St Lucie, FL, and I would love to help you on your physical healing journey and tune into your spiritual journey. My name is Jeanne McCarron, and you are invited to follow me, contact me, or just check out any of my social media sites!

Email: EarthEnergyHealingArts@gmail.com

Facebook: Earth Energy Healing Arts

Instagram: Earth_Energy_Healing_Arts

Twitter: Earth Energy Healing Arts @EarthEnergyHea1

Website and Blog: Earth Energy Healing Arts.wordpress.com