NQ Trader is a boutique trading school that specializes in price action futures trading. The founder of NQ Trader is Jordan Schleider. NQ Trader has been in business over five years teaching students how to trade futures and Jordan Schleider has been trading for over 30 years.

Over Jordan Schleider’s many years of experience, he has learned quite a bit about trading futures. He uses his school, NQ Trader, as a way to teach other some of the tips and tricks he has learned over the years. Jordan is a very thoughtful and patient teacher and devotes much of his free time to helping students learn to master futures trading with all its intricacies.

The areas Jordan Schleider focuses on are mechanics,system, psychology, emotions and money management. The system Jordan Schleider and NQ Trader teaches is a technical analysis system based on price action trading. The trades are taken off a series of support and resistant areas with the use of horizontal support areas including trend lines and candlesticks. These trades and support and resistance areas are based off historical statistics.

The mechanics of trading are what is commonly referred to as the trading and charting platforms that are used for spotting the trades and entering and exiting the trades. These are basically the software packages that are provided by brokerages after opening a trading account. There is also many aftermarket packages available and these topics are cover in theirentiretyat NQ Trader.

Psychology and emotion is what works against us during trading. An example might be the feeling you get on the top of a roller coaster. You might be saying something to yourself like” I never should have gotten on this thing.” Or “it’s going to crash.”

The odds of a roller coaster accident are astronomical, somewhere about one in twenty four million. Is it logical to not ride the roller coaster? No it is not and if you had odds in your favor like this you could make a lot of money trading or doing anything. Regardless of the odds being in your favor, your emotions take over and control you. This is by far one of the most important areas of trading that Jordan Schleider covers during his classes at NQ Trader.

Another area of Jordan Schleider and NQ Trader’s focus is money management. The concept of money management is based on the system you are trading and the expectations of the system. Before someone can ever start to trade, they have to have a firm understanding of the limitations and expectations of the system they are trading.
Many traders go into the market with the let it ride philosophy. This is a guaranteed way to give back any profits made trading over the long run. It is very important to completely understand and map out goals, limits and expectations before ever starting to trade.
To learn more about Jordan Schleider and NQ Trader visit the website at http://nqtrader.us.

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