A land offering top educational opportunities along with stunning landscapes, which have been filming locations for Oscar winning films like The Lord of the Rings, New Zealand is not worth missing. NZ’s Education Code of Practice ensures that responsibility falls on the education providers for safety and well-being of international students. Let’s take a look at the country’s
study abroad student visa.
Two kinds of student visas
Students have the option of applying to either of the following depending upon the course/s they want to pursue:
1. General Student Visa: Needed to study full time in NZ for more than three months with maximum duration of four years.
2. Pathway Student Visa: For students wanting to study in New Zealand for more than one course. This type of visa permits you:
1. Up to 3 consecutive courses
2. For a maximum duration of 5 years
3. With more than one education providers
General & Specific requirements
The obvious prerequisite is a valid passport and visa application fee. Also, an offer confirmation at the institution of study, before application for the visa is necessary. A proof of funds, enough to pay the entire course fee and living expenses, approximated to 15,000 dollars per year need to be shown.
If a student is under 18 years of age a written guarantee of accommodation from the institution or local guardian is demanded. Applicants must also provide ; a medical certificate, chest x-ray, and a police certificate.
The police certificate is required to demonstrate that the student is of good character. It is not required for exchange students. It is necessary on all of the following conditions:
1. If the applicant’s age is 17 and over.
2. Stay consists of 24 months or more
The police certificate must be less than six months old when application is submitted. Also, it must be provided as an English translation.
It is always advised to keep track of the latest amendments to New Zealand student visa requirements, for the prospective applicant.
Opportunities of part time work
The student visa allows up to 20 hours a week of part-time work or full-time during holidays. Specifics depend on individual visa types.
The assessment of student visas for applicants in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan is done at the Immigration of New Zealand’s (INZ) office at Mumbai.
The intricacies of the visa application process require skilled guidance from consultants who have already dealt with such procedures in the past. A successfully approved New Zealand Student Visa maybe ensured by employing the services of such agents.

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