When the summer heat hits hard, getting to sleep can be a serious challenge. You may also find that not sleeping agitates you, which brings on agitating thoughts, which makes it even harder to get to sleep. CBD can help you wind down.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the chemicals found in the cannabis plant. While tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is not legal in all 50 states, CBD is legal. THC is the product in cannabis that is known for causing euphoria or a sense of being high. CBD can help calm your mind, but it doesn't cause euphoria. Depending on which part of the plant was processed into CBD, there may be trace amounts of THC in your CBD dosage, but the legal limit is less than .3 percent.
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You can use CBD as a topical for occasional joint aches and pains. These creams and lotions can be applied to a sore knee or elbow to loosen up stiffness. Some people find that a CBD lotion can reduce skin irritation.

Sublingual Dosages

The standard CBD content in a sublingual dose of full spectrum CBD tinctures in a carrier oil is 25 milligrams. For an adult, that's a good starting point. Because the results of CBD use can vary from person to person, it's a good idea to keep a journal. If sleeplessness is an issue, try a sublingual dose before bed. Track:
● changes in how long it takes to fall asleep
● how often you wake in the night after taking it
● how rested you feel

If you use CBD for ten days and don't find it's helping you with a sleeping problem, up the dosage.


Traditionally, cannabis was something you smoked. If you are a current smoker struggling to quit, a vaping habit can reduce the impulse. Vaping is also a good way to microdose with CBD.

Microdosing is a terrific way to make a subtle change in your current condition. If you've got a few aches and pains that make it hard to get moving but then clear up once you are on your feet, a few puffs can help. If you have energy at certain points of the day but struggle to focus, three puffs can help you center your mind and move on.
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Those interested in starting on a vaping habit for the issues noted above would do well with a disposable pen, which can be purchased in a variety of flavors as you prefer.


If you find that a sublingual dose of CBD helps you get to sleep but you wake up later and can't drop off again, CBD gummies can help. These can be purchased in a variety of flavors, and many include other products, such as melatonin, to reduce sleeplessness.

Using CBD can remove a lot of little discomforts in your life. Occasional sleeplessness isn't the end of the world, but it is frustrating. Aches and pains won't finish you off, but hurting stinks. A small dose of CBD can make these challenges go away.

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