Liposuction treatment is the surgical process in which excess fat is sucked out from a person's body. This process provides the person with an amazing and presentable look without decreasing his/her body weight. Nowadays, people get to know a lot about this technique, and as a result, surgery becomes very common. Though people know about the treatment's benefits, they lack the idea about what he/she can expect from liposuction surgery. This content will tell you about 8 such things that you can expect after the surgery.

1. Results of surgery may not be noticeable immediately

After liposuction, people wish to see themselves in the mirror to find the attractive look of their body. But the results may not be immediately noticeable. The body may be swollen just after the surgery. So, the reduced figure is hidden under the swollen areas. When the swollen goes down, you can see the results.

2. Prediction of the amount of fat that can be removed is difficult

The procedure of liposuction is not as simple as it sounds. It's not just inserting a vacuum and sucking all the fat out of the area. Liposuction is a complicated process. So, the doctors cannot predict perfectly how much fat can be suctioned out. Being a one-day surgery, liposuction can take out 5 litres of fat or less.

3. Fat will not grow back, but weight gain can occur

Since liposuction demolishes the fat cells of a particular area, so fat won't grow there ever. But there is a chance of weight gain in that area. The fat won't come back. But if you gain a lot of weight after liposuction, your body will appear disproportionately larger. A healthy diet and regular exercise will keep your weight in check.

4. Patients may experience discomforts for the first few days

The rate of discomfort depends on the person and the area of surgery. If the area of surgery is huge, then you can feel discomforts in the whole area. But it won't be so intense that you cannot do other things. After the surgery, you can expect little discomforts for the first few days.

5. Pain will not be terrible and intense

No surgery is successful without its fair share of pain. In liposuction, the pain is very little, which can be bearable for anyone. The area that is operated on may have bruises along with pain for some time. But it will not be so intense that you get distracted from your work or sleep. You can also request medications for these pains.

6. Scars of the surgery will be minimum

There is an advantage that the device used in liposuction surgery is small. That means the incisions that will be done in your body will be as big as your little finger. Small incisions mean small scars, and it will be minimal. Good plastic surgeons also try to hide your incisions in discrete areas.

7. Liposuction does not treat excess skin

Liposuction only removes excess fat. But it does not take any responsibility for treating excess skin. That means if you are having liposuction in an area having lots of stretch marks, then you may be left with sagging skin only after the surgery. In future, some skin may snap back, but without a skin lift, it won't go entirely.

8. Have patience and set realistic expectations

The best medicine to recover from any surgery is patience. You have to be patient before enjoying your reshaped body. You must set realistic expectations about the results of the liposuction surgery in Kolkata. If you dreamt of having a body like a model, then it will only make you upset. You have to stay relaxed and keep faith in your surgeon.


The eight most important points for what to expect after liposuction surgery is given here. If you are planning for liposuction treatment, then you must go through these points. These points will help you to be mentally ready for the outcomes of the surgery.

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Dr Saptarshi Bhattacharya is one of the best upcoming cosmetic surgeons in India having special interest in Breast and Body Cosmetic Surgery. He has a brilliant academic career that involved some of the best schools in the country. He got his Medical education at the prestigious Medical College Kolkata, the oldest medical college in the country and got the degrees of MBBS and MS (General Surgery) from there. His Plastic and Cosmetic surgery training started at the Lok Nayak Hospital & associated MAMC New Delhi which was followed by training at the Premier PGIMER Chandigarh from where he got his MCh degree after being trained in all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Thereafter he got his training in advanced cosmetic surgery at Curitiba, Brazil under able guidance of Prof Ruth Graf. He is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. Dr Bhattacharya is an avid speaker at different national and international conferences. Brilliant academic knowledge and deft surgical skill is what defines this cosmetic surgeon who perseveres to give you the best possible result at all times.