Real estate terms, norms, size, mechanism and characteristics not only differ across geography but across terrain in a specific geography too.

Hill station real estate is a niche market while comparing to the market size of real estate in plains, it is almost negligible. Hence the available and trending online property portals are designed to cater the major real estate market in plains and cities. Are they fit to post hill property for sale?


The real estate terms, norms and property categories in hill station differ from the plains. Then how can these portals be suitable for the hill station real estate? For better understanding, altitude, climate, view from a property, gradient of a property, water source, accessibility, amenities like fire place, etc are vital terms of a hill property. Houses amid plantation, cottage, estate, view property, hill top property are unique property categories in hills while they are irrelevant in plains. The traditional property portals meant for plains either does not have facility to specify these terms pertaining to real estate in hills or does not give importance for them. Without which how can a hill property owner post property to sell in these traditional portals and expect buyers?

It is the reason that the online property portals have not made any significant transformation in hill station real estate though they have done big impact in the plains during the last 10 years. Still hill property sellers post property for sale in them since they did not have any other online real estate platform exclusively for hill station property.

Moreover, the traditional property portal provide the service of just passing on the buy leads to sellers which could be adequate for the real estate in plains but the hill property owners expect more and extended support from the property portals. This is due to the reason, the hill property sellers are mostly away from the hill stations and they cannot travel to the hill for repeated buyer site visits till their property get sold and follow the tedious sale process of hill station real estate. The traditional property portals offer site visit assistance to its clients in very limited cities and no one is extending it to hill stations since it is a very niche market with small turn around.

This trend is getting changed now. Real estate field is also getting specialized like medical field. Company like Hills & Wills recently launched a novel property portal specific to hill station real estate providing all the freedom to property sellers to define their hill property preciously and display it professionally and attractively so that more chances to attract buyers and quick sale of hill property. In addition, companies like Hills & Wills offer extended support to the hill station clients right from buyer site visit assistance till scheduling registration – hill property sale is made easy now. In the coming days, Beach side real estate, River side real estate, Village Real estate may also get such specialized online property portals to cater the clients of respective market in a better way.

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Kartheesan is a Chartered Engineer and a Senior Business Consultant with more than two decades of experience and an expert in identifying, conceptualizing, establishing, implementing niche real estate markets business and incorporating digital technology for its growth, the architect behind Hills & Wills novel hill real estate portal. Also a specialist in international marketing, invention marketing and digital marketing catered diversified industries like export oriented units and research labs on marketing front.