"Dallas Printers are usually very busy on a regular day because of their many orders. Their workload often requires their production people to work overtime because there is just so much to run. And during deadlines of peak seasons, tempers flare because there is just so much to do and so little time. Additionally, it is just all too common that for client of DFW Printers to submit their materials late and would just require the company to rush their job. This is a very common scenario in printing presses.

That is why it is very helpful to have a ready-made price list for the most common printing jobs that are often ordered in the company. Some of the most basic jobs are brochures, flyers, posters, receipts, invoices, newsletters, magazines, and tabloids. The printer can then easily plot out in a graph the different materials, number of colors, number of copies when making the pricelist. After all, printing orders are often in bulk. So you can already determine how many copies you can include in the pricelist. If there are requirements that could not be found in the pricelist, then that is the time that your sales people will have to make different computations for. That should lessen their computing responsibilities by at least half.

However, aside from the basic printing jobs, there are printing add-ons. These extras are simply the finishing for your printed materials. You can do without them, but if you have them. They can make materials look so much better.

On the part of the printer, they can easily offer this to clients. And it would be more convenient if you already have a ready-made pricelist for these things as well. You can put this as a separate sheet and label it as printing add-ons.

For instance, you need to compute for the lamination. All you have to do is to get the area of the surface to be laminated and compute the number of sides (like back to back) and multiply the cost with the number of copies. It is this simple, but at least your sales people will just have to add this figure on top of the printing. If you already have the ready quote for a brochure job of 500 pieces, full-color, back to back printing on C2S#80, you can just readily add the cost of lamination 500 pieces of back to back brochure. At least your sales rep will only have to add two figures and not have to multiply so much more.

This can also apply to other finishing touches like the gold stamping or the embossed effect. The area of the mold could be computed easily and added to the cost (i.e. $3 per square inch multiplied by the actual area of the mold). If the client has their own mold in stock, this could be deducted and they will only have to pay for the running or the labor cost of stamping and embossing.

The sales reps of Dallas Printers would be very glad to have these ready-made quotations handy because that will make their jobs easier. We cannot blame them. DFW Printers are very busy companies that experience a high traffic of people bringing printing jobs in and the price list would be very convenient for them.

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