Conventional medical practice decrees that treating the body in its physical form is necessary to heal and eliminate health related problems faced by patients. However the practice of holistic health treatment, an ancient Eastern philosophy, has been around for centuries and is proven effective in many cases. Those who practice holistic healing say their methods work by way of treating the patients physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects. In other words, they treat the overall body by way of the mind. Symptoms have a cause and that is what holistic medicine is used to learn, what brings about those symptoms so harmful to the patients overall health and well being.

Alternative medicine concentrates on the entire body and mind

Considered one of the "alternative" medical practices, holistic medicine has a well proven track record of effectively healing the body as well as the mind, emotions, and spiritual aspects. That spiritual core is about who we are and how we cope with our everyday lives through being mentally healthy and physically strong and well. Drugs and drug therapy need not apply when the overall body and mind are treated by holistic medicine. While medical doctors concentrate on healing the body, and psychologists and other mental health professionals treat the patients mind, neither work on helping the mental and spiritual aspects of those who need help in that area. And as the spirit and mind's wellness are intertwined, they both must be confronted as one in order for treatment to be effective.

Some examples showing how holistic treatments can help include:

Hypnotherapy uses include overcoming shyness (help for those having issues with public speaking or going out in public)

Pain relief through alternative treatments such as acupressure or acupuncture.

Relief from food allergies

Hypnosis assistance for many problems and issues including natural childbirth, hypnobirthing, and dental treatment

Aromatherapy effectively used for a wide assortment of ailments and complaints including overeating and smoking.

Biofeedback for treatment of headaches and migraines.

Massage therapy (often called manipulative therapy) including techniques which are manual (massage) or vibration (machine) to manage pain, relieve stress, improve circulation, and relieve tension brought on by pain.

Water therapy makes use of the soothing effect of warm water on the physical body while also encouraging a peaceful mental state. Foot baths, therapy pools, and jetted tubs may detoxify the body while bio energetic levels in the patient will be treated and relief reached.

Meditation has a proven record of benefit reached through deep reflection and a focused mind that brings about total relaxation of both mind and body. It's a great stress reliever and has also been proven to enhance creativity.

A Holistic therapy approach is empowering

The holistic approach to wellness is an overall approach to feeling as good as possible without interference from drugs. Mental, spiritual, as well as physical aspects of the person will each counter balance the other, making it possible to feel well even though there may be illness or disease present. The approach urges people to become active participants in their health care and healing treatment.

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