It seems as if the more you try to run away from something, the more that thing becomes pervalent in your life experience.

It seems ironic that when we resort to resisting something, it simply comes back at us in different ways, and manifests into our lives even more. Basically, if you're resisting something in your life, you can't help but have your attention placed on that thing, often for a long period of time; the Law of Attraction states that because of your prolonged attention to this thing it will continue manifesting into your existence. So that resistance you carry around, that's a form of conscious attention; not just that, but negative attention, the worst kind. The universe is not the sky-god of western monotheism; the universe simply sees what you are focusing on, and gives you more of it. It's that simple.

In many ways negative attention is often easier to sustain than positive attention, depending on your psyche and upbringing. In a way the human mind is wired to hold on to negativity and stress. The Law of Attraction finds the flavor of the emotion projected by your conscious mind, and then finds more things that are similar to the actions you're focusing on that will yield the same result. So basically whatever you're focusing on and whatever emotion you associate with that thing you're focusing on has a snowball effect to the Universe that will undoubtedly manifest to you.

When we speak of energy alignment, we're talking about aligning with what you desire. It's pretty simple, but not always easy. All you have to do is take your mind off the daily racket, the chores, the doom and gloom on the news, and simply focus exclusively without resistance on what you want. For most people this isn't going to be a terribly easy thing to accomplish. It takes some practice. This really requires an honest look deep into your soul to find what makes you tick, and then change the directions of gears that cause negative feelings and thoughts.

Aligning yourself with your desires is a relatively simple process that takes dedication. Identify what you don't want. Use your thoughts as information, not fodder for more self-loathing and guilt. That is a very important point in the work, else you might end up going backwards. After you find these things that you don't want, look for what feels good to you, what feels right and warm, and hold on to that. As a Law of Attraction Coach one of my biggest concern is that while on this pursuit of alignment with what they desire people would actually revert back to an old pattern of "I'm not good enough"

Meridian Tapping and Emotional Freedom Technique are the two best techniques I know of to easily find and overcome your resistance and embrace your desires with your whole heart and mind. Emotional Freedom Technique begins by finding the beliefs you have that are constraining you, keeping you from growing into a fuller being. To start it off, you take a deep, honest look at yourself and what really bothers you and makes you tick. Don't sugar-coat a thing. After that is where the Meridian Tapping comes in. In this stage you say with complete honesty what you came up with in the EFT stage while tapping different places on your body, moving towards more positive beliefs. Using EFT is a very simple process and can be taught easily and understood most readily.

Our entire Universe functions on the level of energy. When you have beliefs that inhibit your growth, your own energy field reflects that lack of growth, attracting similar low-level energy. This energy is often very painful and negative. Learn to use the Law of Attraction and EFT to help you move that negative energy out. Tap into greater well-being and greater possibility.

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Nanette Geiger is a Law of Attraction Coach and author of many books and articles focusing on Relationships, the Law of Attraction and Self-Mastery.

Nanette's new course, Breakthrough to Abundance Blueprint, uses Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and the Law of Attraction to provide you with cutting-edge tools to evolve your mind. More helpful resources and information at her site: