It can be very difficult to know what causes bad breath in adults as the offenders vary from person to person. There are several issues which can cause bad breath in adults. The key is to identify them and learn how to avoid them.

The Types of Foods You Eat:

One of the biggest reasons behind bad breath in adults is the foods we eat. Foods like:

  • Acidic Foods.
  • Garlic.
  • Onions.

These specific kinds of food have oils and these oil enter our bodies and move through our bloodstream. If you think that this is the reason for your dreadful breath, you'll have to wait at least 72 hours before what you've eaten has left your body. Mints, gums and mouthwash simply will not help.

Dental Issues:

Poor dental care can also bring about bad breath in adults. If you don't effectively brush, floss, or see a dental professional then this will result in bad breath issues. Oral plaque accumulation is one of the worse offenders, that why it's vital to see a dental professional regularly. Continual and proper oral hygiene is important to not only lessen plaque build up but bad breath also.

Dry Mouth:

Mouth dehydration is yet another reason behind bad breath in adults. If you experience dry mouth, bad breath is expected. Fortunately, saliva is there to help fight the build up of plaque and keep the mouth moist. Terrible mouth odors occur due to germs flourishing in a dehydrated environment.

Sinus Cavity Infections:

Bad breath in adults will also be the result of a sinus infection. These can include:

  • Bronchitis.
  • Upper respiratory infections.
  • The common cold.
  • Post Nasal Drip.

as well as other similar infections.

Upper respiratory and throat inflammation are major causes of bad breath. If you're a chronic sinus infection sufferer then now's the best time for you to discover ways to take care of your bad breath so the next time you're dealing with the issue at least you won't be concerned about your breath.

Possible Answers

Now that we understand what causes bad breath in adults, there are many solutions you could try. Some can include:

Proper oral care and maintenance-brushing your teeth, flossing in between teeth, utilizing a water pick, gargling with a mouth rinse and seeing a dental professional every six month is sure to help reduce the possibility of getting bad breath.

Using Products That Fight Plaque-plague buildup is a major reason for bad breath. Look for specially designed items made to help fight against plaque and bad breath.

Sprays,mints,and gums-when coping with dry mouth or infections, in order to keep saliva production high, and to help alleviate the offensive odors.

There are a few cases of bad breath where it may be essential to see a oral care professional and find out some other ways to help fight your bad breath.

Because some of reasons for bad breath in adults are common, a number of the solutions are readily available. Once you have determined what's causing your bad breath, then it's possible to treat it.

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