Jiu Jitsu is a popular martial sport in Brazil. In fact Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is popular in different places like Japan and China. This popular martial art sport basically involves stamping and ground fighting. Like the other types of martial art sports played around the world, Jiu Jitsu also follows a ranking system of its own which is mainly associated with different colored Jiu Jitsu belts.

The Jiu Jitsu belts are specially awarded based on the skill and merit of the student. The particular martial arts sport was derived from the Japanese martial arts in early 20th century. And today Jiu Jitsu is one of the most popular sports practiced among the masses.

Jiu Jitsu is considered helpful in case of delicate and weak person who can make best use of these techniques to defend themselves against the healthy and strong person. If a person knows about the different skills involved in this particular art then he or she can safeguard themselves in any type of circumstances.

The jiu jitsu belts come with different colors. The varied colored belts are given to individuals in order to signify any kind of technical knowledge and the practical skill which is possessed by any individual. Earlier there were just black and white colored jiu jitsu belts where the white belts were awarded to any person who is a beginner and have very little information or knowledge about the game. Conversely the black color is given to experienced players who have attained all the skills in this particular art.

With time several other colors are included in the ranking system. The colors that were included were red, black, brown, purple and blue. Color white is for beginners, the blue color jiu jitsu belt is awarded to those students that cross the level of the white belt and the second lowest rank for adults.

After the blue jiu jitsu belt the person is headed next to the purple belt. The purple belt is achieved only after 4 to 5 years of experience and the player must be 16 years of age. This is attained only after 4 to 5 years of experience and the player must be 16 years of age. After this there is the brown belt which is the starting of the elite rank. Then comes the black belt which is regarded as the highest rank followed by red and black and then the last is red belt.

Red belt is considered the final stage in case of the Jiu Jitsu game. By achieving the red belt one becomes an accomplished player and can essentially face any kind of scare and fights. This form of martial art offers great fun and can be enjoyed by everyone. A lot of viewers love to watch such fighting competitions.

If you’re interested in Jiu Jitsu, it would be significant to know about the Jiu Jitsu belts. Students work hard to achieve the black belt as fast as possible. Remember that it doesn’t really matter whether you are 4 or 15 years of age, you can get a black belt with determination. However, each and every belt holds a lot of significance as far as the sport is concerned.

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