When the new day approaches, where will you be? What will you be busy doing? When the old way of doing things have gone and passed completely away, what will be your new normal? There is no going back to what you call "normal." Your normal no longer exists. There is a reason why things are happening the way they are happening in the world at present. Things have to happen in the world the very way that they are happening, simply because the masses of people would not move or evolve on their own. People can either evolve or they will perish. There are only two choices. It is Divine Law. The earth and everything that is natural to the earth evolves in stages. The stages are called ages or eras. Whatever and whomever is resistant to earth's way of evolution at the end of these ages or eras, can no longer exist on earth.

Everything in nature and on earth is in a constant state of ascension. If you are not ascending, then you are not evolving and if you are not evolving, then you have no purpose. The Scriptures tells you, "Faith without works is dead." There is this television series on Netflix called "Utopia," and all throughout that series they ask this question, "What have you done today to earn your place in this already crowded world?" You see, you have to do spiritual labor or spiritual work in order to earn your place on the spiritual list in order to be deemed spiritually fit to make it into the New Heaven and New Earth, which comes upon you faster than you can blink an eye or as the Scriptures states, "Like a thief in the night." If you are not laboring spiritually, what is your purpose? What place would you have in the world if you are not constantly evolving or ascending? This is nothing new. It is Divine Law. This is the way man is spiritually governed. It has always happened this way at the end of each age to prepare for the transition to the new age. The Scriptures states, "If man does not work, man does not eat." If you do not do the inner spiritual work required for the transition at the end of the age, then you for certainly will not have a part in the fruit of the new world.

Everybody has served their purpose. What worked for you in the old world, will no longer work for you in the new world. This is not the first time the earth has transitioned; however, this will be the last time. The earth has been in a constant state of ascension from its very foundation. Everything and everyone that could not ascend or evolve with the earth in the past, is no longer in existence. I know you may be thinking, "no one lives forever." Well, the ancient truth is this: "The earth and everything natural to the earth is immortal and lasts forever. No one can ever destroy the earth as well as everything connected to it and extended from it, no matter how hard they may try and no matter what new technology man may think he actually created or invented to destroy the earth." Each time man causes devastation within earth and upon earth's surface, they pay the price in some form in their lives. Man never gets away with anything. It is Divine Law.

Earth is alive. Earth has a heartbeat. Earth has a body. Earth has transitioned and ascended. Before the new world can fully physically manifest itself, there has to be destruction of the old world in some form first. Earth destroys itself only to build itself back up and each time earth builds itself back up, the completed transition is always a higher stated of being and existence. Those who cannot transition and ascend with the earth, will perish. It has always occurred this way. It is the process or path of evolution or ascension. You will not like how earth transforms and ascends, it is a very painful and difficult process; however, it has to be done by any means necessary. It is God's Will.

God's Work and God's Will has been done. Everyone will be rewarded according to their individual spiritual work. If you sowed goodness into the world, you will be rewarded with goodness. If you sowed dark seeds, then you will receive darkness. The Scriptures says, "Let the unrighteous stay unrighteous." It also states, "In those days some will awaken to eternal damnation and some will awaken to eternal life."

"Pray that your flight be not in the winter."

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD is a Spiritual Counselor.