Questioner: You often use the phrase “Conspiracy of Ineffectiveness.” Will you explain what that means?

Edward: The word conspire comes from Latin meaning to breathe together, so it means the whole planet is conspiring to keep itself ineffective. That is how deep the ineffectiveness is. It means that anybody who stands up and begins to proclaim the ineffectiveness of our world is immediately silenced and put off to the side, and they have special little places where they can put people like that. So it’s seemingly a coming together of all the forces of the ineffective world to keep itself that way, and everything they do demands that we do less than all that we can do. So the conspiracy of ineffectiveness is being less than we can actually be.

Q: What are some examples of our ineffectiveness? What is it that we’re ineffective at?

E: Have you noticed any dogs, or cats, or elephants, or alligators having a personality or ego, having something other than what they are that they operate from? Yes, outside forces can train animals to behave in a certain way, but we’re the only species on the planet who actually invent our personality for ourselves. We invent the way we are. Instead of being, let’s say like the alligator or the elephant or the dog or the cat, we invent our way of being, therefore, it is false. Becoming the thing we invented ourselves to be is a conspiracy, and once we invent this false way of being, we then protect it with our life, limb, and body. As a matter of fact, if anybody suggests for us to be real, we scream and call out like a little piggy, yelling that we are real: “I am what I am,” or “Take me as I am,” or “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and yet those things are a false identity. We are living in the image that we invented of ourselves, and because we protect our images, we also allow the other person to be their images, for to uncover one image is to uncover them all.

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