Welcome to a New Year! Do you look ahead to this year 2013 with optimism or dread that you won’t live up to your own expectations?

No matter how many times you’ve visualized and fantasized a new you with stellar health, love, contentment and abundance, are you exactly where you want to be right now? Don't despair or give up on you or your goals-ever!

That's a mistake that so many people make and often when they're so close to seeing their dream unfold.

Begin here to step it up and arrive at your destination:

Accept where you are right now no matter how close or far you are from that specific goal.

Failure to follow-through often comes from the hard-nosed view we have of us. So lighten up and decide to love who and where you are right now. It may not always be easy if you've allowed your saboteur to reign supreme, criticizing you at every turn or new venture. If that's the case, let yourself off the hook. Remember every day is a new dawn and every year can be the unfolding of a new you!

Maybe you’re not where you want to be and maybe you are where you want to be. You have to appreciate you even without being exactly where you'd like to be right now. That's the trick and often the challenge. This is a challenge not to shy away from. This is a challenge worthy of your attention and your self-trust.

Wherever you are…

Your breath is a vehicle of strength and power. It energizes you and gives life to your thoughts, voice and feelings. Breathe into the thoughts of lack that get stuck in your body and emotions and exhale them outside of you. They don’t belong inside. Now's the time to rid yourself of them.
Instead let self-acceptance and appreciation expand as you breathe.

Breathe self-acceptance into you and allow it to linger inside of you for a very long, long time.


Forgiveness starts with us especially for the little promises we make to ourselves that can pile up.

And already many of us have made resolutions that we've not lived up to. Remind yourself that's okay. There's another day and each day can come with another resolve.

Forgive yourself for not always reaching a goal you’ve set. Remind yourself to set some goals that are easily achievable to gain more self-confidence in their pursuit.

Forgive yourself for being impatient and snappy with you when things doesn’t go your way. And they won't always go your way, that's a promise so smile about that truth in advance.

Forgive yourself for being irritable and snappy with other people who don’t deserve it, especially those closest to you. It's so true that the ones we feel safest and closest to, often receive the barrage of our insults and blame.

Forgive yourself for any action or deed you feel warrants your forgiveness.

Forgive yourself with all of your heart and feelings.


Goals and dreams are wonderful to have, so keep striving for new ones. It's not so much about resolutions as it is to set concrete, achievable goals as well as to aim high.

Some goals are to be easy to keep you on track and to give you the staying power to strive even more. Make goals short-term and long-term and revisit them often.

Your imagination is a powerful tool to make it so. Imagine to your heart's desire but put some real Oomph behind it and add intention and belief.

Never give up on you no matter how many mistakes or backfires you endure. Find a way to look at your blunders and learn from them. In the long run, they strengthen you and build your character.

Laugh at your blunders and remember your achievements. Accept your humanness and your divinity at the same time.
The way to claim your personal power is to remind yourself of the divine residing in you and in everything you do.

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio:

Dr Jo Anne White is an international author and speaker, certified professional coach and Energy Master Teacher who helps people and businesses overcome challenges, create self mastery and triumph in life and business. Known globally as the "Success Doc", she specializes in Innovation, Transformation and Energy Medicine. Check out her new JOY e-book.