With change comes leaving behind the old and stepping into a new beginning. An ending is what makes the beginning possible. After all, that is the order of things isn’t it? Leaves change and fall from the trees in the autumn only to reemerge in the spring. One day everything seems to be falling apart; and the next day, life goes on as usual. Every change has an ending that prepares us for new growth, new activities, and new beginnings.
New beginnings are like new energy released in a new direction. You will notice that you are making new beginnings in your life when you:

o Spend more energy on the future than the past or even the present.
o Shift your focus to something new and your productivity increases in that area.
o Feel your morale increasing as you look forward to something new.

There is a rhythm to the whole process of your old identity being renewed into a new identity and purpose. And when we are ready to make a new beginning, opportunity will be waiting for us.

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Most importantly, you’ll see how everyday people are conquering their fear of change and that you can start to make the most of it yourself!

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Entered the world of the rich and famous at the age of 15, in hopes of earning gas money, working for cartoonist Charles Schultz. What she got was a whole lot more than that. She got a taste for success that led to her constant need for a daily dose (of success). Since then she as gone on to create her own success and helps women around the world to know and live lives filled with joy, passion and powerful leadership. She is an author, international award winning speaker and coach.