Imagine if our planet didn’t have walls and boundaries that separate us?  Imagine replacing all governments with a tribunal of elders who worked in the best interests of humanity?  THIS is the “New World Order” that needs to be implemented.

The first thing we would need to do is to change the phrase “New World Order”to something different such as Luminous version 1.0 or Team Earth.  We do not want to imply any negative vibration associated with the current cabal, so a name change is imperative.  We can call it anything we want, but for this article, I’ll call it Luminous v. 1.0

How Will Team Luminous v. 1.0 Be Different?

Here is a brief outline of positive changes that would benefit all of humanity

Replace all government officials with a tribunal of elders who work in our best interests.

There would be no more term elected officials.  If any elder works against the best interests of humanity, he or she will be replaced immediately.  Unlike now, we won’t have to wait 2 or 4 years to see the same crap from a different toilet.

The etymology of government is repulsive.  The word “govern” means to “control” and the word “ment” (as in mental) relates to the “mind”, hence,the word government means to control the mind.

Adopt a Common Language

As we become a Type 1 Civilization, we should probably adopt a common language, which will help to end all barriers between people.  This will help to facilitate the communication process between all people of various cultures.

Replace All Main Stream media With Honest Programming and Networks

Imagine watching TV without any bias from the main stream media?  Imagine if the programs were honestly and intellectually stimulating?  Similar to any elder, if a television network or program is not in the best interests of humanity, then it would be eliminated as well.

On a side note, the word “program” should be either eliminated or replaced.  Today’s TV is exactly what it says: programming your mind.

Release All Suppressed Inventions That Will Benefit Humanity

In 1893, Nikola Tesla powered the Chicago World’s fair on his free energy system.  His financier, J.P. Morgan asked Tesla, “How do we charge people for this?”  Tesla answered, “You don’t, it’s free.”  Morgan believed that “he who controls the energy, controls the people” so he ended up suppressing this idea.  For the last 100+ years, we should have been using Tesla’s free energy system.

In 1913, Morgan was one of the founders of the Federal Reserve Act , which is a law written by bankers, for bankers, that was voted through a corrupt American government.  Because the U.S. dollar is the common monetary unit used in international trade, the Federal Reserve affects everyone.

In 1988, Stanley Meyer invented a water powered car that could go from New York to California on only 22 gallons of water.  It could be Any type of water; sea, tap, rain, compressed snow, etc..  Meyer was offered $1 Billion dollars by the automotive industry, but turned it down because he wanted his invention to benefit all of humanity.  Shortly afterwards, he was poisoned to death.

These are only a couple examples and there are many more such as zero point energy, back engineered UFO technology and anti-gravity patents.  We, as a society, have been kept enslaved to the banksters, who have taken away our true, divine purpose of being here and replaced it with the need to become economically successful while wallowing in ego and materialism.

Eliminate the Need for Money

The Venus Project succinctly explains how this is possible.

Reduce Pollution to its Lowest Level

Mother Earth is our literal bloodline.  If she dies, we die.  There needs to be a more concentrated effort is maintaining a balance between the earth and all of her inhabitants, including humans, plants, animals and trees.  A significant reduction in pollution would greatly benefit all living organisms.

Use Existing Technologies to Benefit Mankind

Monsanto has developed its Frankenfood that delivers minimal nutrition while affecting our DNA on many levels..  Imagine if this technology was used in the best interests of humanity?  What if there was a tomato that had the gene of a North Atlantic Salmon and could grow in any climate?  Imagine if that tomato was 3x as nutritious and even more flavorful? 

Develop an Abundant Society for Everyone

Most of society will be automated and there will be no more “work” as we know it, so there will be abundance for all.

Replace All Laws with Universal Laws

With an abundant society that coexists without money, there is no longer the stress, motivation or desire to harm others, so all laws would be replaced with the Universal Laws:

Create an Extraterrestrial Welcoming Committee

The United Nations has developed a welcoming council to potentially greet any extraterrestrial visitors.  If you trace the history of the U.N., you’ll find that it was founded by John Rockefeller.

Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

- David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

This council would also be renamed and replaced with Luminous v. 1.0 Ambassadors who will promote peace with other star nations.

These are just a few ideas, but I’m sure there are plenty more.  We are entering into a new age of humanity, Luminous v. 1.0, where we will officially become a Type 1 Civilization.  This is why there are so many UFO sightings right now:  they’re here to welcome us as their galactic neighbors!  Don’t buy into the fear propaganda about how these ET’s are malevolent.  If that were true, then surely, they would have decimated us by now.  UFO’s have been well documented all throughout history, dating back to at least 25,000+ years ago.  They have been eagerly awaiting this moment with joy and bliss for us.  It’s like watching your child graduate kindergarten.

The time is NOW!

Right now, we are building the framework for the Golden Age.  We are the warriors that dared to be different!  Simply through thought and intention, we are already changing society into Luminous v. 1.0.  Perhaps we’ll develop telepathic abilities that will transcend the need to use a common language? Maybe, our galactic neighbors will introduce us to new technologies?  Either way, we still need to remain focused on today while envisioning our future in a positive light.

Author's Bio: 

In 2007, Gregg Prescott received a galactic download of inspiration which has led him to not only create his highly visited spiritual website, but a patent pending in the human services industry for a program designed to help families who are at risk of dissolution, children who are going through the reunification process, at-risk youth and for parents who are in need of parenting classes.

Prescott is the owner of and has created nearly 300 unique videos on YouTube, where his in5d videos have over 31 million views.