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During WW2 the Red Cross set up a program for people to send letters to soldiers in Europe so they would never be lonely and always get mail from someone. During the course of this program a soldier received a letter from a woman he didn't know and had never met. She asked him the typical things and he wrote a return letter with the typical answers. What was the food like? Did he get scared? Was he homesick?, and so on. To his surprise, she wrote him back, and then he wrote her back and a pen-pal friendship was formed.

As their letters became more frequent they realized that they had much in common and a friendship was formed. Through the ever increasing letters they came to know each other more and he looked forward to them as he moved ever forward into combat and danger. He spoke of the hardship and the horror, of missing home and family. She told of the sacrifice they were making at home for the soldiers and how everyone appreciated what the soldiers were doing for them.

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Over time their friendship began to blossom into love, but they never exchanged photos. Over the years of warfare, their love blossomed through their letters, though they never heard each other's voices or knew what the other looked like. Eventually they declared their love for each other and decided to meet when he returned to America. Her letters sustained him despite the war raging around him. His letters touched her heart and she wished she could reach out and comfort him.

Eventually the war ended. He told her he was coming home and would be landing in New York and they made a plan to meet at Grand Central Station. He would look like countless other soldiers so he told her he would hold a bouquet of carnations and she said she would be carrying a particular book and wearing a white beret. If their love was real, they could meet and then, who knows?

As his ship docked in New York, he could think of nothing but her. His feet landed on American soil for the first time in years, but this thoughts were of nothing but getting to Grand Central Station. New York City was bustling with people thrilled the war was over and bubbling with possibility. At the station he bought a bouquet from a vendor and waited under the giant clock, eagerly searching for the beret and the book in the hands of every woman he met.

As the time passed, he began to feel disappointment until a beautiful and stylish woman came up to him and said, "Hi soldier, looking to show a girl a good time?" and winked at him. He looked for the beret and the book, but she had none. She was a streetwalker, he thought, but she was strikingly beautiful. He looked at her for a minute. The time for the meeting was well past. His friend was not going to show up, and maybe spending some time with this woman would be a consolation. But then he said, "Thank you, Miss, but no. I am waiting for someone." and he turned away.

Shortly after, a short, plain and overweight woman appeared wearing a white beret and carrying a book. He knew it was her. He swallowed his disappointment, his hopes for meeting the love of his life dashed. But he put a big smile on his face and called her name. She smiled and came over to him. He bent to kiss her cheek, but she pushed him off. Instead she handed him the book and the beret and walked off. Confused, he took the book and opened it to the fly leaf. Written inside were the words, "I am right behind you." He stood up, thinking we was the victim of a cruel prank and he turned quickly, his combat instincts ready to pounce. But it was the beautiful woman standing and smiling before him. She took the beret from him and put it on her head.

"I had to be sure," she said to him, "if you were the man of character I dreamed about. And you are." And she came into his arms and they kissed for the first time under the big clock in the center of Grand Central Station as hundreds strode past, oblivious of the love unfolding right in front of them.

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Sunil Rajpal

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