Following a hip-disc replacement surgery, I had been bound to the wheelchair for about three months of so. I must say, it was really thoughtful of my husband to get me the Grappler extended reach tool, which I used extensively to reach out to things in the vicinity without needing to move the wheelchair every time. From milk bottles to the TV remote, I could pick up almost everything that I needed. It helped me reach out to things from the shelves, which got me rid of my dependence from someone to grab them for me.

An Efficient Litter Pickup Tool

The Grappler is popularly used as a litter pickup tool, and soon after my physician confirmed that I didn’t need the wheelchair anymore, I started using it to assist me with my kitchen chores and simple cleaning tasks. The Grappler extended reach tool comes with an aluminum body, which is rust-free, so it is also washable. Occasionally, when I use it to clean up the dead leaves and litter from my lawn, all I need to do is simply wash the picker cups before I start using the Grappler as a grabbing tool again. Also, smartly crafted design and sharp edged picker cups help achieve maximum level of dexterity while picking up tiny objects like used ear-buds, chocolate wrappers, etc.

The Perfect Reaching Tool

It doesn’t need a lot of storage space and perfectly stands leaning against the wall under the stairs in my house. Today, I use it a lot in the kitchen to grab canned foods and tetra-packs of milk and juices from the top shelf without needing to strain my back or stretch too much. Like many other reaching tools in the market, the Grappler also works based on a trigger mechanism that goes easy on your fingers and doesn’t leave them hurting after long-time use.

Truly American!

Grappler extended reach trash pickup tools are one of the rare products that get made in the US. The best part is perhaps that fact that all Grapplers (Standard and Industrial Grade versions) come with a lifetime warranty! Yes, anytime you need your Grappler repaired or replaced, you can raise a service request and the company will promptly do the needful for you, without charging any fee for their service. You simply need to bear the minimum shipping charges. Though the Grappler is fairly expensive than other trash pickup tools in the market, the extra few bucks is worth the spend in exchange for such an efficient cleaning/grabbing solution!

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Grapplers Inc. is an absolute American achievement history the way it has been started via very humble inception by simply Jay and also Bonnie Thiessans. They have been considering that constructed a thriving and incredibly effective device and also equipment, small business in Sparks The state of Nevada and also gained numerous prizes. That they have also been identified countrywide for his or her achievements. Grapplers Inc. has been making reach extension and commercial grade litter pick up tools since 1992.