A principle has leaped out of thermodynamics so hot it’s bubbling up in other disciplines as a major law of physics, to wit: “This principle predicts natural configuration across the board: river basins, turbulence, animal design (allometry, vascularization, locomotion), cracks in solids, dendritic solidification, Earth climate, droplet impact configuration, etc.”

Relax, this isn’t about thermodynamics. I’m certainly no engineer, and I’d look pretty silly trying to pose as one. So I won’t. But I do like learning about these things, which is kind of odd as I don’t pretend to understand much about them. I recently realized part of the “why do I do this?” is this: If what we call “Creator” really does exist, then Creator should show up any- and everywhere we look, even through physics.

We learn many natural principles and concepts from the Lifeway teachings, from the knowledge of the ancestors, and from our own experience of nature. When I run across something like this theory, dubbed Constructal Law, I first see if it fits with the overarching metaphysical intuition of Analogy; As above, so below, as within, so without. It’s a crude way of deciding for myself if what I’m considering is solid and reliable. And if it is, how can I use it to better understand what I think I know, and what I don’t yet know about the universe.

The summary statement of Constructal Theory goes like this: “For a flow system to persist in time (to survive) it must evolve in such a way that it provides easier and easier access to the currents that flow through it.” Sounds so simple and logical up front, one has to wonder what’s the big deal, right? But, there’s more to it. As with DaVinci’s Golden Mean or the beauty of a Fibonacci scale spiraling out a nautilus shell, there exists a deliberate proportionality in systems, from rivers to trees to lungs. It’s proved now to be no accident. That a natural system makes itself easier for the currents that flow through it to do so, also applies to social structure, urban growth, highway systems, and, in my view, human habits of mind. And it suggests a self-aware intelligence in every kind of natural system. In human-made systems, it reflects our need to organize for efficiency in the things we do, a good example of as within, so without.

In their extremes, it is hard to argue there is any connection between mind and matter. Mind is ephemeral, unseen, abstract, non-local. Matter is tangible, locational, has mass and takes up space. But what about the fuzzy edges of mind; dreams, lucid waking, out of body, precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, all that oogy paranormal stuff. As for matter, how about wave form probabilities, quarks, strong and weak forces, electromagnetism, gravity, and that overworked term “quantum theory” that lets us know right off we’re teleporting to Physics Wonderland. What a neat idea for a theme park.

The third component of this article looks at the physiology of the human body. We know our bodies adapt to how we treat them, and that there exists potent physiological components to behaviors. Over time, a heroin addict’s cell receptors shift around to accommodate more of the drug, and less, say, of food. Along with altering blood chemistry and the proportionality of neuro peptides, opioids, cortisol, oxytocin, and every other powerful chemical produced in the endocrine system, the brain sets about the task, in the case of our addict, of rewiring itself to accommodate what is anything but supportive mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. But hey, that’s what he wants. We have so much more influence over our bodies and minds than we truly realize, even to the point of self-destruction. Unfortunately, mainstream culture neither nurtures or supports self-empowerment or true physical health. On the way to a lecture the other day I saw a new billboard near the airport. Full size, white background, one word, large block letters: cancer. Who is deliberately planting that word in peoples’ minds? No other message, no contact, no attribution, just that one word. Why would anyone advertise cancer? Even if it’s to cure, do they not realize that word presented that way generates fear, which produces adrenaline, setting off a chain of events that could actually create cancer? Is that the intent?

Heading back to the fuzzy realm where mind and matter dance around each other like a 1960s lava lamp, we have known for some time now that human thought can directly influence subatomic particles. It was first proved in the early days of particle accelerator experiments when the scientist’s thoughts were discovered to actually determine the outcome of their experiments. This phenomenon has been verified in subsequent experiments using other materials and techniques, such as radio waves and laser beams.

While science still hunts for its Unified Theory, hoping for an “elegant” one, reality marches on. Whether they ever come up with one, succinct theory that successfully relates quantum mechanics to relativity, the universe will continue to function the way it always has. Such theories are for the amusement of a few elites anyway. And the Pentagon. But with or without physicists or their grand theory, with a little spiritual insight it’s easy enough to see that the “physics” that run the universe, operate the same way in your body.

If we can cause subatomic particles outside our bodies to act a certain way, is it so hard to accept that we exert a similar influence on subatomic particles within our bodies? Adding into this soup this principle called Constructal, it becomes evident that the more we do so, the more our physiology and mind (thoughts) “provide easier and easier access to the currents that flow through” them. In other words, this is the mechanics of what shows up and of how it grows in our bodies and lives, be it finances, stress, disease, relationships, addictions, and on and on. What we entertain in our minds and plow into our emotions is important. I shall find out who put the cancer sign there and point this out to them.

What we focus on is important and profound. We talk about the mind-body connection so casually these days, yet I see so many people struggling with releasing addiction or disease or overwhelming stress. “Birds of a feather flock together” applies to thought as well, it implies what thoughts are really capable of, which is nothing less than the manipulation of matter. Don’t let the “Subatomic Size Me” throw you, either. Over time, and not that much relatively speaking (excuse the pun), these patterns compound to effect. I believe Creator made it this way to protect us and our relatives and to give us the opportunity to learn it and handle it in a good way.

How can we apply Constructal in a practical matter? We know that “thoughts are things,” true enough. And we know we can change our physiology so much as to produce an addiction or disease. But from what I’ve seen, and continue to see, we still operate with back-end thinking. That is, we wait until these aberrant energies manifest before we start thinking about our thinking. Even then, it’s usually to focus on the result de jour, instead of redirecting thought onto what truly supports us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, thereby revamping our own internal systems to provide easier and easier access to the currents that we would rather have flowing through us.

If your foot got broken, spend some time figuring out why. Not the physical “how” or why of it, but the reason behind it, as if your body was talking to you because your mind wasn’t connecting the dots, and your body had no other way to get your attention. Are you moving forward in life, or are you stuck? Are you having a difficult time understanding something? Once you realize what the true reason is, focus on correcting your thoughts at least as much as you do healing your body physically.

I hereby anoint Constructal Theory compatible with and useful to our Spiritual Understanding Arsenal. Or Toy Box, you choose. And why I make such a pretentious proclamation is that Constructal theory acknowledges in a very matter of fact way, that systems successfully accommodating their particular life-giving flows, animate or otherwise, are aware of what they are doing. Maybe I’m reading more into this than an engineer might, but if we try to understand the universe through the “eyes” of Creator, then we must realize these “laws” burst onto the scene the same time everything else in creation did. Physicists are more in the nature of specialized forensic historians who have only served to prejudice (actually limit) our point of view: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Consider what thoughts, and more importantly what emotions, are driving your experiences in life. If they are not what you want, then order up a new set and stick with them long enough to carve out a flow bigger than whatever it is you’re replacing. Let the new crowd out the old, keeping your subatomic muscle focused on what you do want.

Be well,

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Rick is a mixed-blood Tsalagi (Cherokee), a sundancer, inipi (sweatlodge) leader, and presents workshops and lectures throughtout the country. For information, or to schedule a workshop or lecture please visit http://mixedblood.info or his Expert's Page.