Before I connect with a client on the phone, I sit in meditation for a few minutes. Very often, I'll receive guidance from Spirit about what needs to be communicated to that person. Last week, I got a very clear message for my client ... with the understanding that I was also meant to share this message with all of you.

Here's what I received:

"If you will just breathe, it will come to you. You don't need to pull it toward you ... that's working too hard. This is a time when you must embrace the grace of every moment, and express your gratitude for what is now."

This message has tremendous resonance for me personally, and my sense is that it will be useful for many of us during this time of shift and transformation. When we are afraid, we hang on more tightly, clutch at what we have, especially when we feel it might be taken away from us.

Once we make the shift to love, we can open our hands ... open our hearts ... and allow ourselves to receive what we need and let go of what no longer serves us.

I’ve talked with a lot of people in the last week who are afraid that if they don’t scramble, grab, clutch at opportunities, crush the competition, get out in front … all will be lost.

They may feel like they're watching life as they wanted it to be slip away from them ... and all their hopes are vanishing in the rearview mirror.

This is an illusion.

It's true that everything is changing now, and we're being called to adjust to a "new normal" instead of trying to hang on until the "old normal" reasserts itself. It won't.

Embracing the grace of every moment, expressing gratitude for what is now, is not easy. It requires being mindful of exactly who you are in this moment ... not as you were in the past or hope to be in the future, or could have been if things had only gone your way. Being aware of who you are in this precise moment, and being grateful for moment, opens you up to gifts you might not even notice otherwise.

Fear tells us to hold on tighter, ferociously guard what little we have in case someone tries to take it away. Fear brings all the light and air and possibility in the world down to a dark, desperate pinpoint focus.

Love invites us to relax our death-grip, give freely from what we have so there is space to be filled with more good things. Love lifts our head from that desperate, narrow focus, and opens our senses so we can breathe the air, see the light.

I often say that shifting your perspective from fear to love doesn’t make a lousy situation any less lousy. But all that fear-based scrambling leads you right back to where you started … stuck, paralyzed, miserable. And love invites opportunity, welcomes change, embraces new partnerships, new horizons.

Make the shift … and welcome choices, chances, hope.

Author's Bio: 

Karen Hager is an intuitive guide and psychic channel who specializes in helping people who are in transition get Spirit-led guidance about their next steps. She offers private sessions, intuitive development classes, online gallery readings, and much more. Karen is the host of the popular weekly radio show, "Out of the Fog" on Blogtalk Radio. For more information on Karen and her work, please visit