To be able to understand the whole concept or procedure of squint surgery in India, we need to understand what exactly a Squint is.
Squint is a medical disability relating to eye which occurs usually in children but in the recent past, it has occurred in adults as well. A Squint can be described as a medical condition wherein the alignment of both the eyes are different, in the sense that they appear to be looking in different directions. This kind of non-alignment or misalignment can either be a permanent appearance or may vary from time to time in a day’s time. There have been increasing cases of squint in India over the last few decades and the causes as told by the medical researchers can be any.
Loss of coordination between the six muscles which acts along with each other for better movement of the eye, gets displaced and hence, the gaze or sight direction changes or differs. One of the other causes stated is a refractive error known in the medical worked as hypermetropia, wherein the eye deviates inward.
Symptom of the squint is basically one which is the misalignment of eyes and in a new born it cannot be judged right after his birth but it takes almost 3-4 weeks to take notice whether or not the child suffers from such misalignment. Thus, cases such as this need to be taken seriously with immediate visit to an ophthalmologist. However, when it comes to adults, double vision or misalignment of the eyes can be stated as two causes of squint.
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