I started writing a post about organization. And in it I talked about how in my ideal life everything flowed beautifully and life was magical. And then I started talking about my actual life and how things truly weren’t running as seamlessly as I would like them to. I talked about the endless list of to-dos and the piles upon piles of folders and projects and orders and call backs and write tos that needed to be finished.

And the more I wrote about how different my ideal life was from my actual life, the worse about myself I started to feel. Without even realizing it, my inner critic had stepped in and was writing this post. I had unconsciously allowed this part of me to run the show. This is the part of me that feels that no matter how much I do there will always be more to do, more to be, more to strive for, more to accomplish, more to achieve. This part of me is never content with who I am right now in this moment. It will always find fault. This part of me has spent years in the driver’s seat, and while my higher self has been taking the reins much more lately, I still need to be aware and conscious of who is calling the shots.

Last night I received an email from a beautiful friend who is doing so much to spread her message of love into the world. She is taking action in ways that I can only dream of at the moment – ways that scare me and would push me far out of my comfort zone. I am so proud of her and told her this last night. And I was surprised that her inner critic was surfacing as well – she felt that she needed to work on certain things to improve conveying her message.

And then it hit me. Between my post about needing to be more organized and her email about needing to improve, I realized that our inner critics were still running the show (at least some of the time).

And for this reason, let’s all stop what we are doing, and write a love note to ourselves.

This is an emergency – our self worth is in turmoil and needs to be loved, comforted, and nurtured. So take out a pen and paper (or type on the computer), and start writing.

If you aren’t sure what to say or where to start, it could go something like this:

Dear Self,
I love you. You could honestly do anything (or not do anything), and I would still love you. I am so proud of you. I admire you, look up to you, and am inspired by you. I look at you and am amazed at who you are, who you have become, who you will become, and who you always will be. I love how much you are learning and growing and expanding. I love that you are consciously filling your world with love. I am so proud of you for facing your fears and continually pushing through them. I am so happy that you are such a wonderful person with such a pure soul. You are amazing, and I love you so much!

Please take some time today to write your own love note. Let’s push our inner critics out of the way and let our loving, higher selves take the reins. We are far too beautiful and far too amazing to be squashed by our egos. We are each so special and wonderful, and it’s time that we really truly believed it once and for all – all of the time – in every single moment.

Author's Bio: 

Jodi Chapman is the author of the blog, Soul Speak; the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life; and the bestselling Soulful Journals series, co-authored with her husband, Dan Teck. www.jodichapman.com