The cardiologists most important resource is the stress test when a diagnosis needs to be made to look for heart disease of any kind. When a stress test is performed, a doctor will work with trained technicians to achieve the best results possible. There are different tests that are performed to identify specific conditions and each one has its own exacting requirements. The degree of reliability for a cardiac stress test is influenced by the test as well as other conditions. One thing doctors want to discover is just how much stress the heart can take before it impacts the behavior or functioning of the heart. most people are familiar with the exercise stress test though it is only suited for one specific application.

If you are experiencing symptoms of heart ailments, then a cardiac stress test might be given to determine if there are any blockages in your cardiovascular system. Stress tests are really important because most times there are not any exterior symptoms of the problem when a person is relaxed. Or, any underlying problems are not detectable unless the heart is in a stressed condition. This is common knowledge because just like other things, problems do not arise until more pressure is present on the current demands.

The basic stress test is a process that is not as complex as other kinds of stress tests like the nuclear stress test. During a basic test like a treadmill or standing bicycle test, the patient' s heart is monitored. This is done via an EKG or ECG monitor. Then the patient walks in a normal manner on the treadmill. Slowly, the pace of the treadmill is raised so that the stress on the heart goes up or the heart is in stress. While this is going on, the doctor is there doing tests and also available in case anything goes wrong. Additionally, during the test, the patient's blood pressure and heart are also observed.

How reliable the isotope stress test is depends greatly on different variables.

A particular heart rate must be reached and the image must also be quite clear. When these important factors are present, then a stress test of this kind can allow for a reliable diagnosis in roughly 85% of patients with coronary artery disease. So there is not a guarantee of a 100% accurate diagnosis, and as you read there are other factors that contribute to the accuracy of a diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis can also be affected by many other problems including false positives.

Diagnosing different heart problems is much easier with the help of the nuclear stress test. You should ask your doctor everything you can think of if you need to get one of these tests done on you. The more you enquire, the more you will learn about your condition and situation.

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