Wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Congratulation for making this so far and you are turning 25 now. I wish that coming years will bring more and more happy moments to your life. I write this letter to remind you that one faze of life completed at age 25. And now it’s time to level up your life.

This letter belongs to you for remember the lessons you learned up till now. And that helping you to succeed in future.I know your whole journey you have till this day. (After all, I’m the only one with whom you have share that) I also know the Challenges you faced, Sacrifices you made, and I also know the secrets you hide from the world.

But don’t worry, great stories are not made easily, there are always twists and turns before it get the level of “The Great Story”. Everyone has to gone through the difficult time, to prove why they are eligible to achieve a Success, and to be labeled as LEGENDS.

As you completed one faze of life on your 25th birthday, your challenges also increase (Don’t forget it’s your Twenties), now you are on a way to becoming Boy to Man now. This is the time either you make yourself or break yourself.

I know, you always complained, why life has done this bad to you. But remember, life beats everyone, so life teaches everyone. So stop making excuses and find out what life want to teach you. After all life also knows what you have planned to achieve, that’s why it tested all the time. But don’t worry, you’ll pass all hurdles and reach your ultimate goal.

You are not Alone, everyone out there has own challenges and hard times. So if you find anyone like you, be with them, support them, and this will not only motivate their life. But also inspire your soul as well.

Believe me, the hard times which you are facing right now will be part of your success story later on. And that time, you’ll proudly announce,”Yeah, Finally I achieved this.” Remind life in your 20s take place in your life, that change your mindsets and personality in a whole different way.

You are unique in world, so as your journey is. Leave your bad memories here, which hurt you from the Past. Throw away the peoples who don’t care for you. You don’t need to take them with you.

Leave things that Hurts you, Thanks them who have reject you, But leave things , for your friends & family who are there for you.

Remember you have a long way to go, so Travel light and enjoy the Ride stick to this rule. We just can’t take the extra burden of the bad past with us. That’ll never let us go anywhere. So forget those who once were your own and leave you. And forgive those, who are your own, and still with you.
I really appreciate that you made a big decision of your life to being a monk at 25. And also know the reasons why you decided to live a disciplined life.This may be difficult at the Beginning, as I know you and life you living till today.

But I know you surely can do it any how (Like you always do). Just believe in yourself. Begin with this Quote:
Everything seems Difficult at the beginning no matter whatever you do.

In any journey, at the Beginning and at the end, there is only one person will be with you and that is YOU. You may come across the random peoples in your journey and some may claim that they will be with you till the ends.

But believe that they’ll leave you in the midst of path, when they meet their destination. (Coz they are also in their own journey, don’t forget that) Make a promise to me that no matter what happen, you will not end this journey without reaching to destination (Your goal which you made).

If you ever feeling low no matter whatever the situation is never forget what you have achieved till today, just remember the things that feel motivating for your self. Don't forget your achievement till today, and proud moment you have given to your parents like Purchasing "My first bike"... that you bought that on your own earning. So don't forget the happy moment you have lived and gave to others.

Keep the connection with those who are in the same goal as you. But stay away from those who always in search for the short-cuts. You may find many individual in this quest, but you only need to be with those who having a same mindset and passion. They will not let you lose.

All you need is a Good leader who guides you to reach your destination. Follow the one who crossed the path as you are about to. And also don’t forget to leave footprints of yours. Keep sharing your life experience with the others that definitely will help others on same goals.
No matter what situation life brings to you, never lose hope in you till you can see the morning sun. Don't expect from other to understand you,But i know how it feels like. Remember if you wake up in morning, that’s because even gods still not give up on you. So don’t forget to thank god every morning to give you another chance of getting up.

So All the Best for a new life, you are about to begin with this New Year. Keep hustling with the new mindsets and get ready for the new challenges as well. Also keep sharing your life lessons blog in this life, may this will change the others life positively.

Remember, I will be always with you from start to the end. Put this letter at some place and read it overcoming negativity may birthday letter will remind your own world, when no one is there to understand you.

And don’t worry if you will not find me around you, you will find me….. within you.

Your own friend,

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Author's Bio: 

Ketan, A 20s guy and author of Monk at 25. Sharing his thoughts and experience at life lessons blog , which started on 25th age. Have aim to spread a Positive feel for life and meet like minded peoples.