What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is equally important as a business plan. It describes in a few succinct words the “essence of an organization and its underlying philosophy”.

Mission statement answers two important questions:

Why do you exist as an organization?
What is the core purpose of your organization?

The mission statement is a reflection of every aspect of your business. Rhonda Adams defines mission statement in the following words,

“Mission statement helps clarify what business you are in, your goals and objectives”.

Other popular definitions are,

“A short sentence or paragraph used by a company to explain, in simple and concise terms, their purposes for being”.


“An official statement of the aims and objectives of a business or an organization”.


“An announcement of what your business does today and why it exists”.
Types of Missions Statements

Commercial or Business Missions Statements: Written for businesses, ventures, acquisitions and mergers to define the short and long term goals of a company.

Non-Profit Missions Statements: Written for non-profit and social organizations, these mission statements define the purpose, goals and objectives of such institutions.

Personal Mission Statement: Highlights the priorities of your life and defines the goals and objectives by evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses.

Fun Committee Mission Statement: Written for fun and work groups at offices and organizations, describing the fun related activities and goals to keep up the moral boost of the workers.
Guide for Writing a Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement is a great responsibility because it is through mission statement that you communicate to your customers, suppliers, employees and competitors about the nature, range and quality of products or services your organization is offering.

This is why CEO’s are extremely careful while formulating mission statements. If you are an entrepreneur, writer or a self-muser and wondering how to write a mission statement, the steps mentioned below are for you:
Business Missions Statement

For a business missions statement, list the core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and weaknesses of your business with the help of SWOT analysis. Review each of them in detail and see how they relate to the organization’s success.
Define the internal and external customers of your organization. You can seek help in this from the internal business plan of your company.
Define the vision for your organization. Vision refers to where you want to take your organization in future.
Relate the strengths of your organization with the customers’ wants and needs; and pen them down in the form of short sentences. Make sure that the sentences are strategically in line with the vision and objectives of your organization.
Eliminate unnecessary or trifle sentences and sum up the mission statement in three to four lines.
Before making the mission statement ‘official’, share it with your employees and suppliers; and finalize it after getting their feedback.

Personal Missions Statement

Identify your primary strengths and weaknesses and format a detailed character persona for yourself. List the important goals that you want to achieve in your life.
Basic Format of a Mission Statement

Remember that the mission statement you create for your organization must be short, to the point, memorable and inspiring. Your mission statement must essentially consist of three parts:

Purpose: What opportunities and needs your existence will be addressing
Core business: The plans and strategies you will be following to meet identified needs and opportunities
Values of your organization: The philosophy and principles that will guide your work.

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