This world created by Almighty God has 2 aspects viz. creativity like apt management, beauty etc along with destruction in the form of downfall etc. Despite this creation and evolution for the better predominate. Despite natural calamities, creatures like worms, bacteria etc dying every moment one reality stands out and that is we see flowers blooming, luscious fruits growing on trees etc which adds to the creative grandeur of this world. It will always last much longer than any form of destruction. In order that creativity continues undisturbed destruction must follow creation and vice versa. For example the sun rises and sets in the evening, creatures are born and die one day etc.

Man should wholeheartedly accept that he will have to face dire and destructive situations on the one hand and others full of creative joy. Hence he must with a balanced mind not become gloomy when sorrow comes his way, nor go overboard when joy is his destined lot. Today your new born child will go through childhood, youth and finally old age. And when he/she dies again it is a golden opportunity for a fresh new body. Thus destruction (death) follows creation (birth) which is a continuous cosmic process. Everyday we experience the cycle of day and night. Do we despair when darkness manifests at night? Never! Because we know that dawn and hence daylight is but a few hours away. In the same way when dark situations envelope our world we must not despair because a radiant future is about to manifest at the appointed hour.

In the annals of world history world humanity has been witnesses of many a trying times and dire situations. To the extent that people asked: Is this the final doomsday for our world? And yet the Creator has always vowed emphatically that never will He allow total annihilation of this world of grandeur along with man and His other beloved creatures. Divinity incarnates (Avatar) so as to ward off destructive situations and replace them with a new vigor of divine creativity. In these days this is exactly what is happening. Today people are on the verge of losing faith in god’s omnipotence because of strife, terror, dishonesty, crime etc having a stranglehold in our daily lives the world over. Today’s times are extraordinarily dire. In this phase of spiritual darkness awakened and wise men/women must have indomitable faith that within the next decade something extraordinary will take place which will transform our world in a radiant manner.

The onus lies on followers of spiritual principles and great religious leaders of the world to transform the creative energy of world humanity in a divinely radiant manner. In that the divine sentiments of all laymen must be nurtured and tapped to the fullest. Inaction and apathy must be weeded out from their roots so that the seeds of divine faith start sprouting forth. We must eradicate unwholesome and vile elements so that divine glory and radiance prevails in every nook and corner of the world. It is a well accepted fact that when creative principles weaken the soul drowns in ignorance and man experiences material poverty too. At such times even wise men succumb to the fleeting lures of sense pleasures in unethical ways. Thus vileness virtually remains unchallenged and thus wantonly sells its wares of crime, undesirable behavior and despicable actions. To a great extent today’s times too are of this kind. In that creativity is almost ‘dead’ and destruction has taken over with full force. The world over there are communal clashes, caste based hatred, criminal leanings, no respect for ethics/ideals etc. Politically and socially too we are indeed leading unwholesome lives which forces the layman to distrust just about anything. When ethics, integrity etc are on the decline and crime, lowliness etc are honored the question definitely arises as to what is going to happen to this world?

We all are very fortunate to have taken birth in glorious India. Although we have seen dark periods for almost 1500 years yet our root culture remains intact. We have that touch stone called Gayatri philosophy and Yajna. Hence there is no dearth of faith in our psyche. In the past 6 centuries of Indian history great saints like Kabir have taken birth one after another. This statistic of so many saints manifesting in India is of an extraordinary kind. Some of them nurtured devotion to God, some took up social issues, some encouraged the path of selfless action (Karma Yoga), some asked their followers to give up despair and work for world welfare with zest and some performed austerities on their own for transforming the subtle world which would then manifest as radiance externally. Our revered preceptor Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya was born in the first decade of the 20th century in Uttar Pradesh, India. His village was Anvalkheda near Agra city. He is said to be the incarnation of Gayatri and shared the priceless pearls of divine wisdom with one and all. Thus he was a divine beacon light that instilled hope in the hearts of all regarding advent of a bright 21st century.

At that time the wisdom of Super Power Gayatri Mantra was virtually in a sleep like state. It is highly probable that because of fundamentalism only Brahmin males were allowed to chant the Gayatri Mantra. Thus Gayatri Mantra was not given due importance for ones material/spiritual well being. It is at that point that Gurudeva took up the sacred mission of spreading the Gayatri wisdom in all households without any bars like caste, creed, gender, financial status etc. Millions of people now chant the Gayatri Mantra regularly and lead lives of material prosperity that have their roots in spiritual wisdom. Gayatri in her divine formless aspect transforms the thinking of aspirants in a divine manner and thus has incarnated in this material cosmos of ours. In this manner the International Gayatri Family or All World Gayatri Parivar came into being for both the spiritual and material well being of world humanity and world beings. Thus was commenced the sacred mission of elevating the psyche of world humanity in a sacred manner, so as to realize the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world i.e. A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD.

Every alphabet of the 24 alphabets of the Gayatri Mantra is a ray if divine light. They have all those seeds that help the human psyche transform into divinity and hence sacredness. The sun is the deity of Gayatri and is known for its 7 faces, 7 horses, 7 weapons and 7 rays. And yet it predominates with the vital force (Prana Shakti) of Gayatri called Savita. The 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra contain both Ridhi and Sidhi i.e. material and spiritual prosperity. One can understand its deep import by studying the profound meaning of each of these 24 letters. True supremacy can only be attained when one prospers materially in this world when it has a strong foundation of spiritual well being and imbibing of human values, ethics, integrity and a sense of service to world beings. Material supremacy without spiritual values is a sure shot recipe of leading a life of downfall and sorrow. The sacred mission of Prajna Avatar (Wisdom Incarnation) is to encourage mankind to prosper scientifically, materially etc but that they must be deeply rooted in spiritual values that usher in well being of the entire world. Prajna Avatar is not a divine human being like Krishna, Ram, Christ etc. Instead it is a strong cosmic wave of a Divine Super Power (Shakti). The more any individual the world over manifests this Divine Power the more he/she will be responsible for ushering a radiant 21st century full of material and spiritual well being.

How can a Divine Power which is beyond name and form transform this era in a radiant manner? The answer will be actually witnessed in the near future by one and all the world over. This very formless Divine Super Power will induce world humanity to renounce psychic taints like anger, greed, lust, hatred etc and instead imbibe wholesome qualities like oneness of soul, cosmic love, sense of service to all, integrity and ethics. Twenty six Ashwamedha Yajnas conducted so far have given a fair bit of proof for this wonderful transformation. Thousands have given up lowly actions and behavior. Many have renounced alcohol, drug and cigarette addictions and instead have imbibed divinity of soul (60 to 100 million people). They have resolved seriously to give up inner taints and imbibe human and divine qualities in their soul. On this very basis our era can be transformed so as to usher in Satyuga or the Golden Era. It does not matter too much if people have faith in this or otherwise because when the world history of the next couple of decades will be written it will be clear that the world definitely has been transformed in a sacred/divine manner. And the credit of this transformation will be given to none other than the Prajna Avatar or the formless Divine Super Power spoken of in the above lines.

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