Most people go through life aimlessly. They generate few if any destinations and just take what life thrusts upon them. Their lives become a chaotic response to the winds and forces around them and they feel like tumbleweeds caught in a storm, or stuck in a corner somewhere. They fall into ruts with little satisfaction and even less confidence. They don’t feel like they have accomplished much, and this leads to low self-esteem. Too many people act and feel like victims because they feel their journey without a destination was not fair. This leads to frustrations, jaded attitudes, feelings of incompetence, and feelings of lost control.

Are these people bad people? NO! Are they incapable? NO! Are they less valued than others? NO! Do they deserve being lost and frustrated? NO!

So what can they do to change things and become alive and take control of their lives and generate true happiness for themselves? Create life destinations that are very important to them, that allow them to fulfill their passions and priorities follow their beliefs and maximize their talents. When people have a purpose, a destination their lives have meaning and they have a way to measure and enjoy the successes when they achieve their goals. Discovering their destinations creates clarity and generates real and deep motivations to strive for something. Confidence is generated. Feelings of accomplishment are created every time they achieve one of their goals or destinations. They feel exhilarated by their achievements and even more so when they develop new goals and destinations. Their health improves. Their attitudes and successes improve. And of course their sense of purpose improves.

Yet, why do so few people develop their own personal and economic goals or destinations? People do not understand the importance of creating them, they do not know how, and they have little faith that they could achieve them if they did create them.

The easiest, fastest and most accurate way for anyone to discover and create their own life and working goals is to engage a life coach. Creating life goals was not that easy before 1991. Thomas Leonard generated the life coaching process in about 1991. Thanks to Thomas Leonard and the explosive growth of the personal coaching profession every one can now discover and define their own life and business goals, AND actually achieve them by engaging their own life coach.

Your coach will assist you to become “The World’s Leading Expert on You” so you discover and define your life goals and business goals that mean the most to you. More importantly, your coach will also assist you to actually accomplish your goals faster than you can imagine. That’s right, you get a powerful one-two value from being coached. These real double benefits from life coaching explain why the coaching profession has grown so rapidly in such a short period of time. Life coaching WORKS!

Create your own life and business goals and destinations so your journey through life will be fun, productive, rewarding, and you will be motivated every day to get up and enjoy the trip.

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Bill Dueease founded The Coach Connection (TCC) in 2001 to assist people to grow and improve their work lives, their personal lives and their family lives by connecting them with their ideally matched coaches. Over 3,000 TCC clients have achieved their own remarkable life improvement goals by using TCC. Contact Bill at 800-887-7214 or,