Have you ever felt like jumping off a cliff?

I understand this sounds drastic but what I mean is: Do you ever have that feeling that you just want to break free, like you want to overcome your fears and just jump off that cliff into unknown water? Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a life not of your own making and you want to spread your beautiful wings and show the world who you truly are?

If any of these thoughts or feelings sound familiar to you, it means that you are ready!! You are READY to step out of your shell and overcome your fears.

It was a situation I found myself in, not all that long ago. I was in a full time corporate job, feeling absolutely dead and unfulfilled on the inside. Occasionally, I would close my eyes and see a tortoise, hiding inside its hard shell. However, once I looked deeper, when I got past that shell, I saw a beautiful Flamenco dancer, wearing a stunning red dress and just dancing like nothing else mattered.

I quickly realised that this dancer was who I truly wanted to be (symbolically speaking). I truly wanted to live a life in joy, where I could do what I loved the most, without fear, without judgment and without thinking about what other people thought of me.

It was like a dream of true freedom and so I made it my mission to get rid of my tortoise shell and turn into this lively, joyful dancer. It wasn’t easy, it took a LOT of work and I got a LOT of help to do this, but it was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself.

The first task was one of self-discovery. I had to figure out who I was (who I really was). It required looking deep and asking myself tough, yet important, questions:

• What do I love doing? This question is harder than you’d think, because it requires separating what you think you should love and what you really love when no one’s looking. It also gives you a good look at where your ego comes into play and how much sway it has on you.
• What am I good at? More than anything, this question is about what your natural talents are, as opposed to what others have trained you to do.
• What gives me energy? This one’s extremely important because, if something you’re doing is draining you, rather than energizing and motivating you, it begs the question of whether your heart’s really in it.

The next task was to take a good, long look at all of my fears. It turns out there were tons of them! I have, for a long time, been able to connect with people’s spirit guides and have always had intuitive and psychic abilities, but doing it as a full time job and telling the world that this is what I do, really took a lot to overcome. The final, and on-going, task is to act on what I learned about myself, take my newfound strength and propel forward toward my happiness.

Anybody can do what I did, but I didn’t do all of this on my own. I had a strong support system of people like myself to help me out in really taking a good look at who I am, at soul-level, and to discover what was keeping me back. That support from someone who is more objective than yourself is worth millions!! It is always hard to be completely objective about yourself, because our ego tends to play tricks on us to keep us in our comfort zone.

So, having another person read your Akashic Record (your ethereal database that holds all the information about your soul) is the greatest investment you can ever make for yourself. Having a solid support system can help you answer your most pressing, personal questions, such as:

• Who you are, at soul-level
• What your most Divine skills and gifts are
• What subconscious programmes you’re running that keep you from being who you truly are

Discovering your bliss isn’t easy in the slightest, but it carries the promise of being the most rewarding thing you ever do for yourself. Are you ready to jump off the cliff and see who’s dancing in your shell?

Author's Bio: 

Mette Muller is an intuitive life coach, specializing in empaths and other sensitives who feel stuck, misunderstood or overwhelmed. After overcoming her own struggle, she designed a development system comprised of her own experience and a three-tiered system involving energy management, mindset & manifesting and developing intuitive abilities. Thus, Authentic Empath was born.

As a certified Soul Realignment and EFT practitioner, instructor of Anusara Yoga and having worked with non-profits to assist in social change in many nations, Mette has gathered a wealth of knowledge of various peoples, across many cultures and religions. This knowledge lends itself toward a greater understanding of what individual development comprises of and blends seamlessly into her natural passion for helping others attain true happiness in their lives.