Recent research shows that honey can be more effective in the fight against infections and wound healing that some of the treatments most commonly used medical. Although scientists are still struggling to understand why certain types of honey have the capacity to fight bacteria and inflammation, many suffering from acne scars are secular try this remedy on their skin damaged. But there are several things to consider before using honey to fight against acne scars .


According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, evidence from as far back as 2200 BC show that the ancient Egyptians and especially honey in their prescription to standard wound care. Egyptian remedies on 900, more than half called for a certain amount of honey. Early writings and artifacts also indicate that the ancient Assyrians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans used honey to treat wounds. Presence of honey in the medical field began to disappear in the 1940 with the advent of antibiotics, but undergoes a kind of renaissance in the 21st century that doctors are turning to natural infection fighter to handle resistant microorganisms modern medicine, such as acne scars.

heories of the use of honey for acne scars

A pimple, whitehead, black or cyst is the result of an obstruction of sebaceous glands that become havens for bacteria. Normally, this bacterium is under your skin, but do not cause problems until the oil gland is blocked. The bacteria then feeds oil and multiplies, inflaming the skin resulting in acne. Scientists have several theories about why honey can help to interrupt this process. One suggests that because sugar has a high mortality, water is attracted to her. Bacteria need water to grow, so when sugar is applied, the bacterium is deprived of water it needs to thrive. Another theory suggests that a chemical reaction that occurs between the glucose in honey and secretions from the wound oozes slowly form hydrogen peroxide, which kills bacteria.


In 2001, researchers at Oxford University have compared burn patients who had been treated with honey for those who received an antiseptic and found that honey was significantly better. Those who were treated with honey had less time for healing, eradication of infection, need fewer antibiotics and spent fewer days in the hospital. To date, however, no study has been published on the effect of honey on the
acne scars. "There is no reason why it works so I guess that's why nobody will fund a study," says Lisa M. Donation, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine.

Expert Insight

Although honey has had some success in the treatment of ulcers, burns and other skin irritations, dermatologists say treat acne and the scars it leaves behind unsightly, it is more complicated. Genetics, sebum production, inflammation and bacterial growth are some of the many factors affecting the treatment of acne. If the honey has a place in the treatment of acne scars should be applied as a preventive measure before the forms of scars. However, once a scar is formed, experts say that there is no basis for the application of honey.

Recommended treatments include laser therapy, chemical peels. Dr. Jeffrey American Board of Dermatology, said that scars can even improve their own time, and suggests steering clear of home remedies and honey, which he says is just a "myth."


You should check with your doctor before smearing honey to heal acne scars, you can do more harm than good to your complexion.

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