Have you listed your home for sale? We are sure you got a lot of offers and potential buyers eager to buy your home. But be ready. The good rates that you demand for your home are not going to just be given as gifts on your laps. You’ll have to ensure that your home is totally worth the price you are quoting. And for this, preparing your home is a must!

Check these things thoroughly before the home inspection!

You are all set for the call of an inspector coming from Total Inspections for pre purchase house inspection. They will send across their best person to survey your property deeply and prepare a report stating each and every factor of your home. Just ensure your home is ready for this thorough inspection too. Only then can your buyer be relieved of the house he or she is purchasing and provide you a good sum for it. Check the below pointers to know how to get your home ready for the inspection.

1. Deep clean the place — A cleaner place looks great. But here we don’t just mean the routine cleaning; ensure to deeply clean the house. Especially the mould and mildew. If your house has mould build up in some places, it’s going to be listed in the report and there can be issues around it later. Better hire a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean the sticky grease, hidden stains and mould from the house.

2. Repair minor issues- It is understandable that you don’t want to spend on major repair work since you are soon going to get off this place. But if there is some minor repair work that can be done by spending just a little amount, do the task! Otherwise, your seller will use this issue as an excuse to pay you less for the property.

3. Clear the space for better inspection— Whether you are about to move, and your home is full of cartons, or your place is still cluttered with belongings, ensure to create a passage for traffic flow for unhindered inspection. Also, every nook and corner should be accessible for inspection.

4. Keep the connections on— Keep your water, electricity and gas connection on before the inspection is scheduled. The inspector will obviously try these all connections and report if anything isn’t working rightly.

5. Replace the lights that aren’t working— Since the inspector is jotting down each and every detail in the report, ensure that you have everything working in your house. Like, if your bulb is not working, repair it! If the lights show an issue or are too outdated, change them as well.

6. Consider impressing with your curb appeal— Your home’s exterior is going to be thoroughly checked by the inspector too. Ensure you remove the extra clutter from the garage, clean the deck and maintain and mow your garden properly.

Getting a good customer for your home is pure luck! But getting wonderful rates is surely in your hands. Ensure your inspector finds no loopholes in your property and prepares a fantastic report that automatically convinces your buyers to pay the best sum for your house.

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Caitlyn Bell is an Arts student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on.