What you think, you create. What you create, you become. What you become, you express. What you express, you Experience. What you Experience, you are. What you are, you think. This is the circle of life. Ancient Wisdom

Thought, Word and Deed as told to us from ancient times are the foundation of all human life. Controlling our thoughts is very critical. What we think is manifested, meaning we create what we think. This is why our sponsoring thought needs to be on good things. From this goodness, you can create the rest. The body and our mind are very clever in collaborating on this. From this sponsoring thought we assume this is me so we express this and when we express this, depending on what you expressed, you get a reaction. Sometimes, we are clean in our thoughts, other times we are open and at times we are not. The word means our expression, this expression creates an experience, at times very pleasant, at times unpleasant and this takes us back to our thoughts. Based on the experience we had, we try to modify and refine our thoughts. This circle keeps on going.

If we are able to control our thoughts very carefully then our creation and experience become joyful. Thought control is the highest form of prayer. If we ever feel that bad things are happening to us, go back to your thinking and see if all of your thoughts are happy, peaceful and friendly. If they aren’t, then you created and experienced the bad things. We are all creators of our own experiences. What we think is thought, how we express this is our word and what we experience is our deed. If we apply this to every situation in our daily life, we can see the cause and the after effect very clearly. This will allow you to fix this at the thought stage.

When we come into any situation with good thoughts, you will notice an outcome is a happy event. Also notice, when you come into any situation with the emotion of fear, anger, envy, and grief the outcome is very different. Also notice when you approach any situation with love as your sponsoring thought, the outcome is always pleasant and joyful. The secret is in the recipe, in your thinking. What is your basic thought, all of life rolls out from this? We all have free will to think, speak and do as we please. Does this serve our purpose, will the outcome be happy? Now that is something only you can decide. Try changing your thoughts to loving, peaceful and joyful areas and approach each situation with this pre-loaded. Watch and see your outcome.

Now you can see what’s meant by the circle of life. What you think, you create, what you create you become, what you become, you express, what you express, you experience, what you experience, you are, what you are, you think…. and the circle goes on.

Neil David Chan

Author's Bio: 

Neil David Chan is a spiritual thinker and a writer. Neil is looking for ways to tell the world that a shift is coming our way. Another Way to be Human. Our past has not helped us and the future is foggy. what we can do is in the present. He has a powerful message that while we do things we are not doing from a state of being. This makes the doing unproductive, the being and the doing are both important to evolve as an individual and as a global community.