New South Wales Health Statistics has stated that 53.3% of people over the age of 16 were either overweight or obese. Out of this average, Men were at a higher risk of obesity with 61.6% of men being obese than women at 45.6%.

This is the time to reveal a theory that I have had for years about healthy living. Here it goes - people are not scared of death, as much as they are of disease. Because if they were in fact scared of death, there would be no suicide attempts, yet we have a really triggering rate of suicide that exists in Australia as of now.

This is the reason we need to take care of ourselves, just like we would if we were taking care of someone else. Human beings tend to think of taking care of themselves as a ‘selfish’ activity when it really is not! Taking care of yourself is about looking at the present and giving it as much importance as you do to the future, according to Tiny Buddha.

“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.” ~Max Hermann

There are classes now, that teach children to meditate, be more mindful

Why do I Need to Build a Healthier Me?

A healthier you will take you places because there is a lot of research that links a healthy body with a healthy mind, and a healthy mind has been linked with success. Harvard Health Publishing has also mentioned in one of their articles that intelligent cognitive rest is the secret to brain success!

What One Thing Can I Change for a Healthier Me?

Let’s admit it, it is a bit more difficult to change when you have been asked to change five things at once. It’s just too much work, it’s too much effort, especially when you are doing just fine right now, without changing a single thing.
But we have to think long-term and know that it will make a difference to how healthy you turn out to be in 10 years’ time, and whether or not you will be able to take all those trekking trips you have been saving up for.

• This is the reason we are going to focus on one small activity change in your life and one big decision that you can take to make yourself healthier. Newcastle is a beautiful city, and even though we have a good public transport system in place, most people decide to have their own means of transport. This is not a bad idea, certainly not when getting around for you is inconvenient.

• Although, walking can be miraculous for you, and can improve your stress levels as well. This is the reason we suggest you start using Public Transport every week, for two days. Once you get comfortable with the schedules, you can increase the number of days you take the bus or the train. Before you know it, you will be using your old car only a few times a month!

The Big Decision
Once you have gotten used to the idea of public transport, you can look at a bigger challenge for yourself. This might seem irrational at first but really isn’t.
Think about it. When you are trying to eat healthily, you exclude chips and drinks from your grocery shopping list, and it works! If it isn’t there, you aren’t going to eat it!

It is a similar situation in your car. If you have it, you are going to keep using it. You might also relapse into using it regularly again. This means you are taking it to the grocery store at the corner, and you are taking to all the places that are half a mile away from you. This is the reason the big decision is to sell your old, unwanted vehicle to a car removal company in Newcastle.

Origin Cash for Cars is a company that will buy your car within a day for top cash, and pick it up from your location, so you don’t have to stress about looking for a seller either!

So, take one step at a time, but make sure each step has an impact on the life you want to lead!

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