We’ve all had family television shows served up as a model for us over the years. You all remember The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. The book Little Women influenced many families. As a mom today, you still have the influence to proactively transform your family dynamics. Your instincts and insight are always in-tune with the people you love. If you ever feel that things can be improved, then go for it!
We can’t always get along seamlessly. Every once in a while, siblings will fight, or family members will disappoint each other. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t create an environment conducive to reinforcing strong, deep connections. The bonds created in a growing family will carry across the years and will support and sustain each member.
Here are a few small, loving actions you can take to fortify your ties with the people you love most:

1. Visual reminders of the connection you share communicate that the family is cherished. Hang or update family photos. Hand-letter signs that say things like, “brothers”, or, “The Smith Family”.

2. Take the time to text your children and husband. Connecting throughout the day will strengthen your bonds.

3. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home by playing peaceful music.

4. Encourage and communicate pride by conspicuously showcasing your family’s achievements – trophies, artwork, and medals.

5. Gush about your kids in their presence. Give them a boost of self-esteem and love by talking positively about them within earshot.

6. Scrapbooking, digital photo albums, and family videos can provide decades of bonding. Memories are precious. Keep them easy accessible.

7. When something needs correcting, be sure you look for at least two other things your child did well, and add a bit of praise in after you share the correction.

8. Remember that the family comes first. The relationship between parents goes a long way by example alone that strengthen self-esteem and self-love in the children.

9. Have fun together as a family. Family activities can be as small as reading a book to a younger child or a chapter in a book to an older child that can create a lifetime bond of love and enjoyment.

10. Create family rituals like big breakfasts on Sundays that you prepare together. It’s fun and it’s very loving.

Your family’s connection to one another depends on your parental commitment to consistent love acts, and maintaining the message that each person is important. Create an atmosphere of belonging, and you can easily achieve the togetherness you desire.

“Give out what you most want to come back.” ~ Robin Sharma

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