A synthesis is a type of analytical writing that is extremely crucial for students who want to excel in academics. A well-synthesised assignment help to fetch the best grades. Synthesis derives insights from a range of literature, compares, and contrasts the recurring themes by drawing from a varied range of authors and sources.

It requires one to develop a deep understanding of various theories and site relevant sources and organise it efficiently to portray a unique viewpoint about a central idea, topic or theme.

The fundamental features of a Synthesis essay are:

Combines significant points from various sources to defend the purpose of the paper
Organises the points in a way that the readers immediately understand were the information overlap
Helps the reader to understand the area with greater clarity
Take time to practice and develop your ideas like an online assignment writer. It can be a little complicated to grasp the key features at first, but regular practice will ease your difficulties.
Follow these steps to write a remarkable synthesis essay that will fetch you the highest marks.
• Understand the main concept that you will deal with in your essay
• Establish a connection between multiple works with one basic goal in mind. All of it should eventually support your claim.
• Take time to go through the arguments of different academicians (in favour of the issue as well as against it)
• Sketch an outline of the synthesis writing to organise the information you have derived from each of the sources
• Reflect on the arguments to formulate your opinion
• Develop your own interpretations and analysis of the argument
• The synthesis should be organised so that people can comprehend your analysis
• Make your own opinion by going through the sources and then back up your opinions using the information you have found.
Explanatory synthesis and argument synthesis are the two types of synthesis essays. Keep reading to know more.

The explanatory synthesis
A writer needs to present the facts reasonably and objectively, rather than arguing to establish a particular point. Working on this type of assignments will help you to develop your analytical capabilities and skills. You have to invest a considerable amount of time in thoroughly analysing each of the components of the area of your research to present them to your reader in a clear and orderly manner.

The argument synthesis
You need to argue for or on against a topic by presenting relevant facts and evidence from valid sources and present it logically. Make sure to cite the sources as you gradually proceed with your argument to generate validity for your argument.

After you finish composing your essay, as per your course requirements, go through it extremely carefully to make sure it is free from any grammatical or syntactical errors. You can seek guidance of expert proofreading services to submit a thoroughly proofread paper that will work wonders in improving your academic grades.

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