Have you noticed the recent trend in contemporary interiors of beautiful futuristic fireplaces which are recessed into the wall of the home? Flamerite Corello fireplaces can be installed directly into a hole in the wall, looking like a stylish cut-out feature which provides light and heat. These fireplaces can be switched on with the touch of a button, creating a realistic looking burning flame.

Only a few years ago these types of wall fires were difficult to find because the technology to make them work was still being developed. However, these days there is a wealth of designs in Flamerite Corello fireplaces to choose from.

Hole-In-The-Wall Style is Modern and Sleek

Rather than a fireplace which takes up room in the home and becomes the focal point of the room, a hole-in-the-wall fire will create a more subtle and streamlined look. It is perfectly suited to minimalist contemporary decor. Since it takes up less space it will also make a room look bigger and allow more room for other furniture. For this reason, it is a smart solution for making a small apartment or house appear more spacious.

The most realistic types of Flamerite Corello fireplaces are those which are open-fronted with no glass in front of the fire to distort the view. However, these open-fronted styles are less efficient than those with glass because the glass controls the air and moderates the burning process.

Heat or Aesthetics?

Some types of electric hole in the wall fireplaces can be used to generate heat within the home and others are simply used to create a realistic flame for decoration. Whichever type of Flamerite Corello fireplace you install will depend on your needs. Do you need your fireplace to produce heat or is it simply for aesthetic purposes?

Electric Fires Allow for Ease of Installation

If you are installing a wood-burning, coal or gas powered hole-in-the-wall fireplace you will need to break into the chimney wall above the fireplace to access the flue. However, when you use electric fires you will not need to worry about pipe-work or chimneys. All you will need is a clear piece of wall where you can inert the fireplace.

Electric Flamerite Corello fires are also a lot safer to use than traditional types of fireplaces. Since they don’t actually burn any fuel they will not produce any harmful carbon monoxide. There is also no risk of chimney fires and you don’t need to worry about leaving the fireplace unattended. Flamerite Corello electric fires allow you to simply switch off the fireplace when you are not using it and the flames will disappear.

If you are considering installing an electric fire, why not try the sleek and modern hole-in-the-wall styles?

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Flamerite Corello hole-in-the-wall electric fireplaces look sleek and modern, are easy to install and maintain and create a very dramatic and beautiful touch to your interior decor.