Marketing and Sales funnels are the static landing pages made with the purpose of acquiring leads and to convert the leads into actual buyers by not only selling once but as often as possible. The marketing and sales funnels have to work in coordinated manner. The final outcome of the business depends on both the marketing as well as sales funnel simultaneously. The underperformance of one funnel may lead to adverse results in another funnel.

Marketing & Funnel Tech defines the relationship of marketing and sales funnel in a very descriptive manner. The strong funnels ensure the higher sales, more loyalty and stronger brand awareness. Marketing and sales funnel are very much interrelated. The sales funnel begins from the point where marketing funnel ends. Hence, if marketing funnels ends at good note then it enables strong commencement of sales funnel.

The process of marketing funnel starts with creation of awareness about the product or service in public that initiates the process of lead capturing and ascertaining the prospects. The outcome or result of the marketing funnels is the qualified leads. It is this point from where the task of sales funnel begins. From marketing qualified leads, the sales qualified leads are identified and explored by sales personnel. The leads are then evaluated and converted into sales and repeated sales. The Marketing & Funnel Tech provides all type of customised Marketing and sales funnel solutions. ClickFunnels is an awesome platform for creating all types of funnels, including sales funnels. The sales funnel is a static landing page made with the purpose of acquiring leads. Unlike marketing funnels, the intent is not Call to Action but education and interest.

The funnel creation is an art as well as science. It requires the in-depth knowledge of the concept and certain secrets in order to create an effective funnel. The marketing & funnel tech provides the training on funnel builder secrets. This training covers all the related topics and it is useful in building sales funnels and working with multiple funnels at the same time. The masterclass of funnel builder secrets by Marketing & funnel tech covers the content like: How to build in click funnels, hacking my funnels, fast product development, opt in funnels, sales funnels, webinar funnels, automate webinars, membership sites and launch funnels etc. The funnel builder secrets training has been divided in 10 training modules. After completion of the training modules, next comes 24 modules of traffic secrets followed by 289 lessons about successfully driving traffic to your funnel or website. At last comes the final section of funnel builder secrets i.e. deep dive section that explains the art and science of funnels, traffic secrets, follow-up funnels and how to grow your list.

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