Nowadays, bar stools are not only limited to bars only. These elongated narrow shaped tools have become common in most residential and commercial places. Whether it is a soothing café or a luxurious mocktail section in a restaurant, these stools are common things. Besides that, they have secured their place in modern-day living rooms too. Because stools are narrower taking less space unlike the traditional settings, most people prefer bar stools in their places. Besides that, you do not even have to worry about the tables, as there are counter height stools as well that can be set around the counters easily. But the thing is that there are lots of varieties in bar stools available in today’s world, which makes it quite tough to choose one from these options. So, what will you do? Well, we have got your back. In this article post, we will share a guide that can help you find the ideal bar stools in Australia for both commercial and residential uses.


Step-by-step buying guide to find the ideal bar stools in Australia:


Bar stools have become one of the significant interior decorations in cafés, restaurants, bars, and even in modern-day living rooms. But when it comes to choosing one, we often feel confused. Since these trending stools are almost everywhere, getting the ideal one from the huge options available are not that easy and hereby you need expert help. This is why, our interior expert has researched the latest interior trends and developed the following buying guide that can help you find one.


1. The appropriate height:


The first and foremost thing to consider before finalizing a bar stool set is finding the appropriate height of the stool based on the place you are purchasing it. There are three types of stool heights available: counter height, bar height, and extra tall. The counter height stools are generally the shorter ones, while the bar height is medium height and the extra tall is the tallest one.


2. The accurate size:


Next comes to the size of the stools. Since comfort is the key component, make sure that the stools you are choosing feature at least 10-12 inches space between the stool seat and the underneath portion of your table or counter. For seating, the wider the area will be, the more comfortable will be the seating. We will recommend to opt for at least 15-17 inches wide seat for your guests’ comfort.


3. Type of stools:


Which type of stools do you want: commercial or residential? Well, if you own a restaurant, café, or bar, any commercial bar stools in Australia collection will be fine. Though both commercial and residential stools come with same style such as swivel, upholstery, padding, and backrests, commercial grade stools are durable than the residential grade and hence recommended for business use. In case for indoor use, you can opt for both commercial or residential grades.


4. Materials:


Most of the bar stools frame are made of either wood or metal. The wooden stools come with more of a traditional appeal, while the metal ones range from a rustic bronze design to modern-day chrome steel looked finish. Though metal stools are more long lasting than the wooden ones, the wood stools come with more craftworks and colour variations. However, the prices are variable.


5. The style:


Many people prefer a well-cushioned comfortable seating in a bar or café. For them, you can choose for an upholstery or backrest options in the stool ranges. Based on the aesthetics of your interior, you can choose whether you want luxurious leather or modern microfibre seating on your stools. Apart from that, there are some people who even like to rest their arms while eating or relaxing. For that purpose, you can opt for a bar stools set with armrest options. Though there are stools options as well available without a back or arm support, we will recommend you to choose one with the supports.


6. Swivel:


Though most of the bar stools are normally elongated, we recommend you to choose the swivel options in your stools. It will help your guests adjust their seat according to their height and comfort level. If you are looking for bar stools for a public area like bar, restaurant, or café, then having stools with swivels will be the best option. Although, you can choose them for your homes too.


With the last stroke,


Purchasing outstanding bar stools in Australia is not that hard, as there are plenty of manufacturers who produce budget-friendly stylish stools that you can consider for your use. But in order to find the ideal one, following the above-discussed guide will help you a lot.

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The author is an interior expert, loves to decorate rooms according to the events. Previously she has reviewed many trending interior decor such as bar stools in Australia and comes with a brief guide to find the right products.