We have been using lots of mobile applications to carry out day to day tasks. So building applications that users can interact with in real-time has become a standard for many developers. The applications that today we use whether they are mobile, web or desktop apps have at least one real time feature. Mostly real-time messaging and notifications are the commonly used real-time features that we use in applications.

What Do Real Time Applications Do?
As mentioned before, real time applications functions within a time frame the user feels it is occurring in real time. Within real-time applications or real-time computing, the latency is set under a defined value, typically estimated in seconds.

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Role Of Node.js In Real-Time Applications-
Node js helps with its non-blocking I/O and event-driven features to the applications where speed and scalability are constant focus. Nodejs gives continuous two-way connections to applications like social media, forums, ad servers, or stock exchange software.

1. Reusing And Sharing-
Nodejs supports microservices architecture and it allows developers to reuse the library code package and share it in various projects. It not only saves development time and increases productivity.

2. Scalable And Rapid-
As Node Js is javascript based, it executes rapidly like JS. So an application with event loop easily handles multiple client requests.

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