For many firms, the most essential criteria in choosing an Odoo ERP implementation partner is the cost of their services. Simply put, the cheaper the cost of Odoo implementation, the higher the ROI of your ERP project, assuming it is successful.

Whilst you might suppose that cheaper = higher, it is price spending the time in understanding what’s behind your Odoo ERP implementation cost estimate. When comparing ERP implementation estimates between different partners, then we suggest you dig into their project plan and the period of time dedicated to each phase of the project.

Customer References

A key standards for selecting an ERP implementation partner is their credibility and expertise with firms just like yours. We extremely suggest asking your ERP partner which of their clients are just like you when it comes to industry, geography and measurement. If they’ve made firms just like yours successful, then it is highly probably they will also be capable to make you successful as well by having the proper combination of expertise, proximity and understanding of your enterprise, it is politics and industry specific needs.

Size & Reach

If you are a small enterprise, then it is likely you will work better with other small companies as nicely and that is why evaluating the size of your ERP implementation partner is a key standards for your ERP analysis and selection process.

On the other side, if you’re a multinational company that plans to implement an ERP solution for a number of thousands of employees into 15 nations then your standards for choosing an ERP partner should demand for an organization with a similiar world implementation capability.


Experience can save hours, days, weeks, months if not years of time in terms of implementing an ERP solution, so it is a important criteria for your ERP evaluation. Try to establish which explicit ERP consultants shall be staffed to your ERP implementation project before selecting a systems integrator.

By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that your ERP implementation shall be lead by a team of experienced consultants that have dealt with the similar scenarios multiple times.

ERP Contract Negotiation

Successfully negotiating an ERP project with your selected vendor or Odoo ERP implementation partner needs careful consideration. If you squeeze too much, then somewhat receiving a better discount, you may very well obtain a sub-standard or skeleton service which places more emphasis on your organization meeting sure deliverables. You may also strip out essential elements similar to onboarding, training and finish user adoption or integration. If you manage to negotiate a 50% reduction in your Odoo ERP implementation or licensing — it is definitely price considering how that was achieved and if you still have a lot of the core components you need left.

Here are a few of the key issues we would suggest you keep in mind during the negotiation process:

  • Licensing Contract Term: most software vendors will negotiate for longer contract terms as this will increase their own firm valuations and offers them better long run revenue certainty. You can usually exchange 3+ year license agreements for steeper annual low cost or different freebies. On the other side, guarantee you’ve pricing protection in place after the initial contract term. Some vendors are notorious for hiking prices after the first 1–2 years of the contract, leaving you with a a lot larger annual value than you initially anticipated.
  • Industries of Scale: if you purchase more licensing up front, or weave more users or modules into your Cloud term, you’ll be able to probably reduce the per unit cost of every license by committing to more later in the contract.
  • License Add-Ons: many ERP solutions come with core and additional license costs. As the names recommend, core performance would possibly offer you a style of inventory or project administration, however to get the full expertise you might have to buy an additional license. This can lead to unpredictable licensing prices.
  • Services: ensure your services partner has offered an inventory of assumptions and expectations from you as a buyer. Many occasions, we see service companions present extraordinarily aggressive quotes, solely for the buyer to later realise that their companion expectated them to do 60% of the heavy lifting.
  • Legals: apart from pricing safety, be certain that your contract provides you full use of the software program, now and in the future. In the occasion your enterprise is acquired, or in case you dump a division, some software providers will cost a penalty or transition charge.

Need extra info?

If you will have particular questions surrounding your project and ERP criteria, or you simply wish to get the newest info on solutions which could fit your needs, then schedule a call with our team — or examine our more of our articles here.

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