Moving out really sucks. It sucks right from the day you decide to move. Finding a way around to for a stress-free moving scheme is even more stressful. But hold up yet! Here are some of our best recommendations for an easier and effective moving routine.

There is a lot to go around when you decide to move. You probably do not want read pages over pages on how to effectively move. So, we have collected only the most important points that you should make a checklist of before you gear up with a moving company to start moving.

The moving out hacks-

1. Prepare yourself

This is the basic step and something we are all acquainted with. But this where it all starts! Acquiring packing supplies and utilities, contacting a moving company, making a list of the things you need to carry forward, the moving date, and the weather condition during that date. Assuming you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, it will be much simple and less stressful if you make a list of all the things you want to prepare.


Zip tie the hangers together and wrap all of your clothes in plastic wrap. Removing the clothes from the hangers and folding them in the boxes later only to find out that you have to unpack them and hang them on the same hangers again.

2. Transferring all the information

Make sure you are aware of all the utilities which you are responsible for. Place all the calls in advance because the utility companies may not be able to make the switch the very next day you decide to make a switch. Fill out the address forms which can also be done online. Use the current address as your billing address in the credit card as that is how the postal services will verify your request.

3. Cheap packing supplies

Packing supplies are abundantly available but the boxes and tapes add quite a bit of money. To avoid the traditional high costs, visit a few places that hand out free boxes. You can also visit retailers that used boxes of various sizes. Ensure that you do not leave the job of collecting these boxes in the end moment. Visit friends who recently moved out, ask around in the office or even ask your friends to ask their offices.

4. Take measurements of the things you own

Do not make assumptions but instead take the measurements of everything you own in your current home. Everything you own may easily fit in the home you live right now but that may not so be the case in a new home. So set time aside to take a measure of all that you own. Keep a record of all the measurements and visit the new place and see to it that the measurements are suitable there. Wallpapers and the wall hangings that look amazingly good in your current house may not be so appealing in the new place. So, taking measurements of all of those are equally important to get a clear picture.

4. Pack like you are going for a vacation

Packing is the most hectic part of any moving out plan. But as it is a part and parcel for anyone who moves out, there is no way that you can avoid it. Start by packing the essentials first and set them aside. These include the toiletries and clothing that fit in any standard suitcase. Live out of this suitcase a week before you move out because you surely do not want to pack anything which is essential and dig into the endless boxes to search for it. This suitcase helps you to find all the essentials instantly. Simply zip the suitcase and drive over to your new home. Even if you decide to unpack a week later you move in, the essentials still stay with you.

You are all set to now move to your new home with a trusted moving company.

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