As cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, blockchain technology is also becoming a buzz word among investors. Capitalists associated with big ventures and corporations are betting billions of dollars on digital currencies like bitcoin. Before understanding the working of blockchain, let us first figure out how bitcoin and blockchain are connected with each other.

A blockchain is a reservoir of data in which every data is added to the blockchain by linking one block after the previous one in a chronological manner, similar to the row of spreadsheets that follows other rows. This linking of one block after another creates a chain of blocks known as a blockchain.

Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin is the first and the most well-known application of blockchain. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for the digital age. Bitcoin is different from traditional money, one can send Bitcoin money to anyone sitting at any place without taking permission from governments or banks.

Working of blockchain and reason why it cannot be hacked

After knowing what blockchain is, it’s time to understand the working of blockchain through the example mentioned below.

  • There are 1 MB blocks in the bitcoin’s blockchain which consist of peer-to-peer transactions. Once these blocks are verified by miners by using an inbuilt consensus mechanism, these are added after every ten minutes. Every entry in these blocks is safeguarded by cryptographic mathematics which makes it irreversible.
  • There are some unmatchable features of these blocks that are noted-below.

  • These blocks are decentralized and distributed.
  • They are time stamped.
  • These blocks are transparent.
  • These blocks are computationally irreversible.
  • When transactions take place on the Bitcoin blockchain, it moves into the pool of unconfirmed transactions known as Mempool. Then these transactions are compiled into a block. Once this is done, miners resolve a computationally tough calculative problem to add the block to the blockchain of Bitcoin.

    In this manner, more blocks keep on adding to the blockchain, and it becomes a hassle to reverse the transaction. At the same time, Bitcoin’s blockchain is used by lots of users who are using this distributed ledger on their devices. It is just like having millions of copies of the ledger of bitcoins from “the Genesis block” that was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

    Every copy includes the history of blocks from the very beginning of the Bitcoin network. Hence, it’s not that easy to take down or corrupt the system. Also, every transaction is secured by strong cryptographic mathematics.

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