It is good news for female readers that romantic suspense books, romantic suspense novel are growing day by day with the growth in the market. A specific word is denoted for this women’s fiction. It differs from one woman to another the way they use literature for writing novels, books. Women’s fictions include main stream books, novels, chick lit and some other genres and sub genres. English label works of fiction have no comparison. Long list of romantic suspense author of English magazines for women are now in present scenario. Chick lit category has also some romantic suspense, in the context of books related to romantic stories.

Romantic novels are authored, written and read by both women and men. It is not necessary that it is a fiction for women and only women can read or write it, the different authors of these romantic fictions are Nora Roberts ( Montana sky), Richard Paul Evans (The Christmas box), Nicholas Evans ( The Horse whisper) or Emily Grayson (The Gazebo). If you are reading romantic suspense book or novels then it is very good but if you are not reading then you should read it as they give different perceptions about life which other books or novels do not provide. Other reason behind reading romantic novels and books is that analyzing various flavors of life is necessary and important. Let your heart guide your imagination and bring blues in your relationships. It is a wonderful and superb experience of reading romantic suspense novels as it takes you to the height of adventure.

Romantic suspense stories are mainly written by women for women because these stories are based on women’s issues and are also written to motivate women. Motivation is been given by setting the characteristics in the drama. Close relationships like friendship, marriage, Siblings, divorce, maternal, paternal, domestic relationships and many others like these are revealed in romantic stories. Romantic suspense authors for romantic stories are Valerie Frankel, Elizabeth, Liza, Kimberly Menozzi and many more. These are very renowned authors. People are developing interest in close relationships of a girl of this modern age in Western countries. This has become a major part of growing markets.

Romantic stories also vary. Different stories bring out different meanings. There are some romantic stories that help women of old age in their relations. Other types of romantic stories are those which help chicks to manage their relations. While reading stories you become so curious about what is going to be the next part of the romantic story. One gets so indulged in these stories that they think they are living in it and all that what is happening in the story is happening with them. This curiosity of what is going to happen in the story or what is the next part of the story helps one to understand relations closely. Every person can be a part of women romantic stories. This will help people in better understanding of women. Being romantic is also a very important part of life.

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