The Zambezi River is one of Africa’s greatest rivers. Just like the Nile River this river has many legends and story’s surrounding its existence.  This 3540 km river profoundly influences the landscape that it flows through as it makes its journey to the Indian Ocean. The river travels through many natural wildlife havens as it travels through Africa. It flows and eventually becomes the great Victoria Falls. This is the largest falling sheet of water in the world. It is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world and definite “must see” for anyone guest on an African safari. The great explorer, David Livingstone, who named the Victoria Falls after his Queen (Queen Victoria), was delightfully surprised as he canoed gently down the Zambezi River and saw the most beautiful place he had ever seen in Africa. He famously reasoned “scenes so beautiful must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”. Today one of visitors to the Victoria Fall’s favourite activities to engage in is flying over the Victoria Falls on a helicopter known as “the Flight of Angels”.

See the Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River is an amazing spectacle to witness in person, however, few people know about the beautiful spectacle that exists a couple hundred kilometres down the River. The river turns into Lake Kariba.

Lake Kariba was built half a century ago with the construction of the dam wall. The Lake greatly benefits this region. It generates hydro-electricity that supplies both Zimbabwe and Zambia. Also, before this lake was flooded, the valley was burnt. The ash from the fire created a thick lake bead. The ash was rich and made a perfect environment for many different fish species. The lake supports the local commercial fishing industry and is a valuable resource for wildlife and the locals that live in the area

The lake covers 5500 square kilometres and is a wonderful destination for tourists visiting Africa or Zimbabwe.
There are many places on earth where one can go fishing and boating, but none are like Lake Kariba. Here it is likely that guests will spot majestic African wildlife drinking, resting or playing on the Lake’s edge. It is rather common to see a pride of lions resting vigilantly as they watch for any opportunities that may present themselves in the bush. The lake’s edge is home to diverse animals including Africa’s Big 5 (the African lion, the African elephant, the leopard, the cape buffalo and the black/white rhino). Here you will be in the constant company of the many grunting hippos and watchful crocodiles as they try ambush animals carelessly drinking on the lakes edge.

This is certainly a great place to visit on an African safari holiday. All your worries are sure to fade away as your absorb the beauty within this part of the world

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