A honeymoon is supposed to be a great an unforgettable time for a young couple. It is a time that the newly married couple should enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. There are many options to choose from in deciding where to go for a honeymoon. From enjoying the beaches of the Caribbean islands to exploring the exotic coral reefs of the great barrier reefs, to visiting the romantic streets of Paris. The list is endless. However, I shall briefly describe the best type of honeymoon that guests should certainly consider as a wonderful option: An African safari honeymoon in Zimbabwe

The safari honeymoon begins when guests are picked up from Bulawayo International Airport. From there they are taken to the Nesbitt Castle hotel. This is a wonderful hotel that has a design inspired by real medieval European castles. The couple spends two nights here recovering from their long flight from overseas. They rest here so that they are in the best conditions for their next two days at Antelope Park. The next day guests are taken to Antelope Park where they can take part in the many activities offered here. For example the honeymooners get two “walk with lions” and “ride on elephants”. This is usually one of the highlights of many guest’s time in Zimbabwe. The guests spend a total of two nights at this wildlife resort.

After Antelope Park the couple is taken to their next destination which is the Matopos Hills. The guests are taken to a safari lodge within the Matopos Hills. The Motopos Hills has the highest concentration of leopards in all of Africa. This place is a World Heritage site . it is a beautiful paradise of granite rocks. The great explorer, Cecil John Rhodes, who was very familiar with Africa concluded that this is the most beautiful place in Africa. He instructed that when he dies, he should be buried within in this beautiful national park. Here guests will engage is exciting activities such as tracking rhinos and leopards.

Lastly guests are taken to the mighty Victoria Falls. This place was discovered by the great British explorer, David Livingstone. The Victoria Falls is the largest falling sheet of water in the world. This place is so beautiful and mighty that he named it after his queen of England, Victoria. As he canoed along the Zambezi river nothing could have prepared him for the great spectacle ahead. The full breadth of the Victoria falls plummets into a giant fissure. Many guests have concluded that this is a very important place to visit for any guest on holiday in Africa. This place is home to abundant animals such as African elephants and hippos who cross the river as freely as they did thousands of years ago.

In conclusion, honeymooners should consider an African safari honeymoon if they want to truly enjoy an unforgettable time amongst abundant wildlife. They will leave Africa feeling rejuvenated and ready to start their new lives

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