The Grappler extended reach pickup tool is here to save your day and rid you of all the stretching and bending and kneeling.

• A sturdy aluminum body for lightweight handling
• Strong handle grip with a trigger that goes easy on your fingers
• Sharp claws that are designed for dexterity. You can easily pickup tiny objects like ear-buds and thin twigs.
• Rustproof and weatherproof
• Available in many sizes, ranging from 24” all the way up to 96” (inches, in length)

A Versatile Tool
Grappler pickup tools are extremely convenient to operate and they’re a great way to get rid of step-stools and ladders. If you need to retrieve that can of beans from the top shelf, simply grab it with the Grappler. Got a Frisbee stuck in a tree? Retrieve it with the Grappler. Dreading the aftermath of a children’s party? Equip yourself with a Grappler and a bucket or a trash bag (if needed), to get it over with in just a matter of minutes.

Better than Products with Rubber Tips
Previously, I had used the Gopher Grabber, a foldable reaching tool also based on a trigger mechanism, featuring a pair of tongs with suction based rubber tips for picking up the litter/objects. But soon we realized that the trigger is a little too far away from the handle and sometimes it hurts the fingers. And in just a matter of five months, the rubber tips started to wear out, and we had to replace them with new rubber cups. But then the screws holding them in place would occasionally fall off. It had not even been even a year since we bought an extended reach pickup tool and now we needed to purchase another one.

Free Repair Replacement Services
I’ve been using the Grappler extended reach pickup tool for over three years now, and I haven’t needed to get it repaired or replaced yet. But I must quote that all Grapplers come with a lifetime warranty! Yes, from the time of purchase, you can get your damaged Grappler repaired or replaced whenever you feel the need, and you won’t even be charged for it, although you might need to shell out a small amount for shipping.

Contact us:
Contact Person: Bonnie Thiessans
Company Name: Grapplersinc. Tools for your world
Contact number: (775) 284-8990
Toll Free No: (877) 212-5803
Company Address: 599 East Nugget Avenue
Sparks, NV 89431-5848

Author's Bio: 

Grapplers Inc. is a truly American success story as it was started from humble beginnings by Jay and Bonnie Thiessans. They have since built a thriving and very successful tool and machine business in Sparks Nevada and won many awards. They have also been recognized nationwide for their achievements. Grapplers Inc. has been making reach extension and commercial grade litter pick up tools since 1992.