The bad news is the world is in quite a “state of financial flux” and many people of good intent are looking for sound direction. The good news is that our industry is an answer for many of them.

For the first time in history we have three realities converging….Network Marketing…Technology and a Global Talent Pool searching for answers.

As a CCIM I have spent countless hours evaluating positive leverage opportunities in commercial real estate. Network Marketing employs the same principle yet can accomplish the desired results in a fraction of the time. Typically in a real estate investment, one usually needs a substantial initial outlay while leveraging additional capital with the future hope of a “mortgage burning” party that finally unlocks access to the lion’s share of the rental income. This can take 25 years or longer unless other personal capital injections are made and no major capital improvements are needed. In addition the average investor is still left with the task of managing the property including all of its inherent implications. Contrast this with Network Marketing…low start up costs and instead of leveraging capital one leverages the efforts of many like minded individuals. Often, one can accomplish the same outcome in a quarter of the time and without the management responsibilities associated with owning a rental property.

Technology has now enabled savvy Networkers to work without geographical limitations. With fiscally cost effective and efficient systems in place a legitimate opportunity exists to build and manage a truly international business from a wireless device with internet connectivity. We need to stop and realize this is a very recent reality and one that has changed the face of the Network Marketing Industry forever! I know this first hand as in the early nineties I had been involved in building a large group without the internet and the tracking systems now available to us. It became a very costly and cumbersome way to do business and an experience that almost prevented me from taking a second look at the industry this time around. I am so thankful I kept an open mind as we are very pleased to be counted in the group who do now operate a successful “lifestyle friendly global business.”

Finally, for the first time there exists a simple to reach and approachable Global Talent Pool that has been turned upside down with the financial global events that have and are taking place. Whatever you want to call this group…professionals in transition etc…they are looking for hope and a realistic strategic plan to secure some kind of financial future for themselves and their families. Some are looking to recover from the losses they have incurred. They do not necessarily have an abundance of capital to invest and they certainly do not have twenty to twenty-five years to make it happen. Network Marketing can become their perfect solution and it is our responsibility to reach out and educate them on the merits of our industry so they can make an informed decision about the opportunity it represents.

I would be remiss in excluding the new generation of entrepreneurial youth who I believe will take the Network Marketing Industry to new heights. For those of us who have been around the “entrepreneurial business block” a few times, let’s share our life experience and lend them a hand up so that we can all soar together! This industry performed ethically can be a great equalizer to be sure!

Author's Bio: 

My work and life journey really began as a bass player touring in the rock band Galleon in the late 70's and early 80's. There is no street experience that quite compares! I transitioned from long blond hair and leather pants to a business suit in 1983 after becoming a Realtor. I earned my CCIM designation in 1989. My first exposure to Network Marketing occurred in the early 90's. Even then many aspects of the business model and the industry were appealing to me. By 1993 another phase in my life emerged with a conversion to Christ. I took a sabbatical from the business world to take the time to begin to grow spiritually, record music expressing my new found faith and eventually meeting and marrying the wonderful love of my life Angelina in 1999. In the years that followed we owned and operated a Christian retreat and participated in many ministry activities. In 2004 I returned to the field of real estate and I am still a licensed Realtor and CCIM to this day. My major focus however continues to be our Network Marketing business which has grown by leaps and bounds during this global economic shift we all find ourselves in. Network Marketing I believe leads the cutting edge of how business will continue to be done for decades. The combination of the available global talent pool, technology and the positive leverage model of Network Marketing is not to be ignored. The prospect of growing an international, portable home based business has never made more sense!