Associating education with fun is advantageous. Students in the earlier years of schooling like to catapult their imagination in whatever they do. An activity is enriching to them if they get a chance to project what they would like to express. They would also like to be motivated to do so and hence complimenting them for their efforts is essential. This being the case, Mathematics is no exception. Many individuals tend to say that Mathematics is not their strong subject whenever it is introduced. It is not the case with reading or other activities. It may be interesting to note that people tend to fear that they may not be adept at Mathematical problem solving and that they would make mistakes. This fear seems to be ingrained in many and they tend to live with it.

The reason why we avoid Maths is that it tends to lower our self-esteem when we make mistakes. As we think that it is a subject where mistakes are highly likely, we avoid it altogether. Of course this may seem infantile but in reality it is not. Mathematics has to be introduced more favourably. One way of doing this is by playing games that involve numbers, arithmetic and Mathematical thinking. A game is entertaining and it can be a rich source of learning. One such game which promotes Mathematical thinking with thrill is chess. Children and adults who play chess frequently tend to develop sound problem solving skills. In a game of chess you have to plan, strategize and logically predict your opponent’s moves. You deal with pawns, knight and other symbols that have value. You will learn how to be creative with values.

Chess as a learning aid has been used in Canada. Playing Chess has led to significant improvement in Mathematical skills of many individuals. There is empirical evidence to show that this game also sharpens psychological skills and makes you skilled in decision making and taking new initiatives. As the end game in chess involves intense calculation, Mathematicians are known to have an advantage. Children need to be taught to play chess and in the process they will develop their analytical abilities which they can directly apply in Maths. Online education builds on a synergy of different skills. Online Tutoring uses modern learning aids to make learning Maths entertaining. Chess is seen as a useful aid to promote Mathematics and it helps you overcome your fears once and for all.

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