What if there was a way to make money with any of your hobbies? Fortunately, there is. Thanks to the internet it's more feasible than ever to turn a hobby into an income stream. The basic idea is to share your knowledge and ideas with others who have similar interests. You can do this with a website a blog or an email newsletter.

The cost of setting up a platform for turning your hobby into cash? It can be done for free if you want. You can start a free blog using any of various services. Just enter “start a blog for free” in any search engine and you’ll find several to choose from. A website can be created using the tools offered by some hosting companies, starting at about $25 per month, or if you already have page-making software you can find hosting for as little as $7 monthly. It costs about $10 annually to register a domain name. In other words, even with a website your total expenses can be under $8 per month.

Let’s get to the details of that way to make money with any hobby. Once you have an online presence, you can write abut your hobby. You can offer tips to others who share your passion, or articles and true stories. You might create a newsletter for the website as well--which potentially gets the visitors returning every time they receive an issue.

How do you make money? There are a number of ways. If you like to write you might create an ebook about your hobby and sell it. You could also sell products related to your interests. The easiest ways though, are to link to other people’s products and make a commission for each sale generated from your links, or to hang pay-per-click ads on your site or blog and make money for every click.

But let’s get more specific with an example or two. If your hobby is building toys and furniture for your cats, you can have a site about cats and the necessity of providing a stimulating environment for them. To monetize the website you could sell plans for making cat-enclosures or scratching posts. You might write an ebook about how to train cats and sell that. You could sign up as an affiliate of a cat products company and make 10% on everything your visitors buy after clicking through from your site. You could sell advertising directly (and by the way, once you have a lot of traffic people will approach you with offers to pay for advertising on your site). Or you can just use a pay-per-click program to keep it simple, and make money from any and every click on an ad.

If your hobby is fishing, you can tell all of your best fishing stories and offer tips. You can collect stories from others to post on you blog. You can locate all the best fishing resources online and keep your visitors informed. There are ebooks on fishing for sale whose authors will pay you 50% of every sale you refer, or you can sell your own. There are fishing supply companies that will pay you a percentage of sales for sending customers to their websites. These last two monetization methods are not hypothetical--I checked, and there fishing-tips ebooks that pay a commission and vendors of supplies too.

Perhaps you are starting to see that there is a way to make money with just about any hobby you can think of. It isn’t easy, and learning to promote your blog or website is part of the process, but there is little risk, and you might someday have some extra income or even a good living from your efforts.

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